No Filter for My Beast


Missing my (not so little) mountain pup today so I thought I’d share a shot from a few weekends back.

I totally won this fight by the way.



Cheers to 50…

…posts! It seems like such a small number for all the thoughts that rattle around in my brain when I think of all the blogging there is to do. I remember blogging back before high school and thinking that it was so deep and personal. Although that may have been the case for a little girl it’s pretty entertaining to look back at those posts or written out diaries of sorts. Life has a funny way of teaching you things in reverse.

In sum, I just want to take a little second to point out that everyone has a story to tell. No matter what is going on in your life it’s relevant to you. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s insignificant. If you want to write, photograph, play sports, travel, play video games – do it! Life is too short to do things that other people tell you are “better for you”. If it makes you happy make time for it. If it makes you grow as a person and fill your heart with joy, well freaking do it! I promise it will make things better even if it’s just for a bit.

Phew this got a little deep didn’t it? Anyway here’s to more posts, discussions, laughs, and maybe some good crying as well.


Requiem for a Dream

As a partially new film studies student ( I keep adding to the list of minors, concentrations, etc. ) I am constantly being reminded of how many of the classics and “cult followings” I have yet to see. In less than a year now I finally got to Footloose, FlashDance, Top Gun, The Royal Tenebaums (a new favorite) and Pulp Fiction. What’s wrong with me you ask? Why have I lived over 20 years and not seen these?? Frankly…I have no idea.

I will not bore you with all the details of each viewing but last night was particularly interesting. I’m in an evaluating contemporary film course and we have showings from time to time as a class and engage/write notes together. If you have seen Requiem you know that this time was a little difficult. I found myself angry and the plot hitting a little too close to home this time. The edits were very powerful and the connection that the audience and characters was visibly evident. Many were crying and some even left. What was interesting to me was the connection of the characters in the movie and how even though things got extremely vulgar and intense I was kind of lost in it all. Well done to the producers/directors/entire staff, really.

Unfortunately, I think that if you are under 18 this isn’t a film you should see. In these kinds of cases I think you can learn a lot from films like this but many audience members are not prepared for that kind of exposure. So in sum, if you are reading this post and have seen it please feel free to join in the conversation. If you have not, scroll along and maybe go check out Fall Out Boy’s new single and dance around in your room without worry.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


Haven’t You Heard?




You should have seen a post like this coming. Yes. Yes people Fall Out Boy released their new single less than a week ago. I think it was the quickest I ever spent money on iTunes. When Pete Wentz had let it out that it was officially available over Twitter I immediately got to it. It has been on a bit of a loop for me ever since. Say what you will about FOB and their band members or past mistakes, but I will be a fan and remember them…for centuries. Ok ever I am embarrassed that I made that joke.

Basically if you haven’t purchased it already and feel inclined – FOLLOW THAT GUT. I don’t believe in illegally downloading so do yourself a favor and spend a little change on it. Give the artists the credit they deserve. Hope you all enjoy and are as excited as I am about this release and many more to come!!






Sneaky Sneaky

Ah what a lovely fall day I am having as I sit here drinking my fabulous Starbucks chai. With it’s iconic green mermaid and clean white cup it’s hard to miss. It’s warm and delicious, but also looks good on my desk. We can spot certain products and icons from miles away, but have we gone overboard with product placement lately?

I was being a little sarcastic (if you couldn’t already tell) but in most cases with today’s media platforms they are sneaking in products left and right. Whether it’s a billboard in a video game or a drink in your favorite sitcom – its inevitable. There are the obvious label glaring moves that companies make and then the product placements that are more subtle. Apple is probably the biggest contender when it comes to having their products thrown about. It’s actually one I don’t mind though. What I do mind are the obnoxious, unnatural, annoying ads that don’t mesh well.

So what do you all think? Have the product placement moves become a little too sneaky or are they still too much to handle? Subconsciously we probably absorb more than we think we do. See a commercial about fries and pizza…later crave fries and pizza. I cannot be alone here! Let me know what you guys think and keep your eyes peeled this week. You may be surprised at all the products are sponsoring your favorite shows, movies, or video games.


Getting Back to the Swing of Things

Wow I really can’t believe that senior year is here (*said every senior in the history of time).

Besides all the cliche stuff that has been going on around here, like everyone asking what the heck I’m going to do with my life now, I have gotten some time to take care of some things that I had previously put on the shelf. For starters, as some of you may know I do run a channel on YouTube and recently posted my latest adventure that was in the editing stages for ages. Feel free to go to     and you will see what I’m talking about. Usually I post up events or travel that I get involved with to kind of share my opinion on it or let others experience it as well if they cannot. I will be posting on a more regular and timely fashion now which will be pretty awesome. Enough of YouTube talk.

Coming back from a weekend away I have to say that getting back into the swing of things is great. It’s comfortable. It’s routine. It’s…boring. So here’s to the fact that having structure is nice, but knowing that it won’t stay around for long and accepting it all the same.

Hope you’re all well and getting excited for fall.