I Graduated!…Now what?

Ahhh the infamous question of – so now what are you really going to do with your life? (As if college students don’t actually live at all).

From a very young age I have always found the phrases of getting to “the real world” repulsive. Why am I not in the real world now? Is what I’m doing not important enough? Also, why do you hate your “real world” job so much anyway – didn’t you pick it?

Seriously if we could all relax on those statements about life after college I think the world would be a better place. The people who say college is the best four years of your life (or sometimes high school) make me really sad. Really, really sad. What made you stop living? And why do you have to compromise with what you’re doing now just because you think you have some timeline to fill in? I obviously have a lot of questions.

Here’s the deal; sometimes people have crappy situations and they can’t help what they get themselves into after college. However, the way I see it is that the human being is a very capable mechanism. Yes, we get trapped in our own brains and think that there are no other options than a nine to five we hate. Yes, we can get stay in our comfort zones that bore us later on in life. And yes, that’s ok. BUT that’s not for me.

My plans are to make a difference (quite simply) and throughout my studies of rainforest deforestation, species loss, alternative forms of fuel, and so on I realized something – it may be less complex than the processes I’ve been looking at. I have always loved art and I have always enjoyed making it. From videos to photography and throwing clay on the wheel – I adore it all. So what you will see on here are more of my art based endeavors. If I move around the country like a banshee, well then you’re coming with me. I am undecided and ever changing – that’s ok with me.

Did I mention I was top 3% of my university? I’m sorry but I had to mention I’m a freaking brainiac and after all this higher education with four schools, four states, and all in four years – I DID IT.

Ok sorry I just had to take a moment…Now I’m blushing.

Your life, your journey.



This is Not an Excuse

…it’s merely an explanation.

For the past few months I have been a little MIA. For those of you who noticed, thank you for sensing my absence and if you have no clue what I’m talking about then read on? Whatever your position is with my website I need to clear the air.

There have been a lot of deaths in my family recently. From very close relatives to life long pets I have not felt this kind of pain all at once in a very long time. I have tried to write up a post about my travels, my videos, and the last of my studies, but quite frankly I have not been able to look over my losses. I know I know, think positive and try to keep your head up. I have. Believe me. My close friends and family understand that this is a situation unthinkable and the amount of death is starting to, in all honesty, scare me.

I’ve tried laughing it all off because it seems unreal to me but here I am. I’ve lost things in my life that I thought I had forever with and although I tried to roll with every punch it’s become too much. I can no longer sit back and not write because we have another family member call us with bad news.

I’m not asking for pity nor am I asking for understanding, really. In fact, this may be too personal to post but what the hell. We’re all human and sometimes when it rains it freaking tsunamis for eight months straight. Unfortunately, life can be very fragile and out of our control.

Thank you for sticking with me.