Jack of All Trades

…but you don’t have to be a “master of none”. I like to think that ideas are endless and options are as well. This doesn’t mean that I am not skilled in them either. What I’m getting at here is you need to have that flow. Allow yourself to get into a lot of situations, jobs, projects, crafts, etc. Who says you can’t try things out?

Now realistically I can see where some would argue that if you want to be any good at any of them you need to pick one and stick with it. However, in my years I have noticed that’s not the case. I have been a soccer player, basketball player, a dancer, a swimmer, a highly competitive (and successful) figure skater, and have a National Title in Woman’s Volleyball-something I’m extremely proud of. This isn’t to brag or boast. Believe me, I have paid my dues and worked extremely hard. I also believe in the 10,000hr deal. You get out what you put in.

Before I go off on rambles let me get down to the point. Don’t close yourself off and think that you have to do just ONE thing with your life. Try things out. Play around. It may take awhile. Heck I’m still working at it and constantly diving into new things so you can too. 




Biting the Bullet

Over the years there have been many occasions where things are just unavoidable. Whether it’s something small like an exam for finals (which on the grand scale you all should accept as being “small”) or something larger like your brother moving out. Ok maybe you all are not on the same page with me on this but I find the fact that my brother will be moving out for the last time to be quite…depressing. 

Before I go into sappy details and get myself all upset again I wanted to write down about this because sometimes in life you really just have to bite the bullet. Things are sometimes out of your control whether you like it or not. It’s a hard lesson, but I think as you get older (and hopefully wiser as well) there are things you just have to let go of. Let go of, move through, push forward, painfully deal with-however you want to put it. 

Here’s where I want you to really think about things though. How much better would your life be if you accepted that certain things must happen? How much better would it be to go with the flow and at the same time do your very best? People are often very hard on themselves. At times it’s heartbreaking to see your friends or family go through these struggles but don’t forget it may happen to you. 

In sum, stay positive even when it seems impossible. If something is out of your hands let the world and all it’s energies take care of it. Whether it’s faith in something religious, the cosmos, or good ol’ Karma. You got this. 


And if all else fails, hang tight my friends.




Today has been an interesting day to say the least. Not only have I tied up all the loose ends with my online course (finally!) but it’s nearly dinner and I’m still in pajamas. Oh my. 

Usually I’m not a lazy person. And to be fair I did an EXTREME amount of cleaning today. Today was just one of those days where I didn’t bother with contacts, makeup, or really anything involving my appearance or attire. It’s like it’s the first day of summer for me and I finally get to relax while I get things into order. 

Moving into a temporary house has been challenging. All of my things have been shoved in boxes or were collecting in piles around my room and outside in what the past owners considered a “loft”. It’s hardly spacious but I’m thankful to be here. I think this has been just one of those days that I needed to get things thrown out and tided up. PHEW. 

I assume we all need these sorts of days. Let me know if you guys are pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down. Chat with you soon! 



“Courtney Shea”…It’s A New Day

Hello again! So I have been mulling over a bunch of decisions the past few days and I took the big move this morning. I changed up the title of my blog, the look of it, and even the name itself. I still want to change my theme around a bit because to be honest the one I had (and will be shortly leaving after this post) is a little too pink and bubbly for me.

Anyway, I also finally took the jump and made the domain courtneysheablog.com a real thing. So here it is! Same person. Same content. Just more awesome.

I will be staying in touch on here more often-this is the blog that I’ve dedicated myself to and, although YouTube keeps be busy (and crazy), writing keeps me sane. I hope that more of you will join in the conversation! Let me know what you think about the changes and I will be talking to you much more often.

Much love,


A Peaceful Bit

Looking back at my time alone in the mountains I came to an interesting conclusion. Although I really don’t like mornings most of the time and am by no means a person to come into contact with before 8am-I DO love the morning air. I’m talking about those first few breaths outside shortly after the sun comes up. The mountains still had a little haze about them and everything just felt so new. I mean literally each morning just felt so fresh, like a blank canvas awaiting it’s paint. Not to get too sappy or hype things up but honestly it was one of the most beautiful things I got to experience while there. Granted it’s my uncles place and I can go back, but I will not be alone again there for awhile.
So I invite you, if you are in fact horrible with mornings, to try to find some beauty. A peaceful bit that you can hold onto and cherish. Even if it’s something as little as the steam that floats up from your coffee in the morning. I have faith that no matter where you are you can find something. Anything.
Feel free to share what that may be for you. You never know what kind of ideas that may spark in someone else!