Unplanned Plans

A little gloom has turned out to be a lot of gloom. As you can probably guess I’m a little happy about it, but it has caused my family a little bit of stress. My parents were out this morning so I had a lovely breakfast with my brother. They were gone longer than planned and the sails that we were suppose to set tonight have been put down. Not only am I grateful that that was an option, but now we have the night open for unplanned plans.
It may seem a little odd to most but these times are always some of the best. Whether you find something out of the ordinary to do or maybe you just get to relax and have good conversation with one another there is always something else to pencil in your schedule. Just as I was thinking about all the crap that we would go through to reschedule things and getting a little on edge I had a conversation with my father and stopped. Why be so negative when it’s my own choice? There’s a saying that goes a little something like, “It can be good and it can be bad, but whatever it is it doesn’t matter. All that matters is your response to it” now I may not be spot on with the wording or know exactly what “it” is but I know that’s the truth. Your mind has a lot to do with…well…everything. So take your free time, slap on a smile, and laugh at the unusual circumstances while you make something out of it.



A Little Gloom


Alright alright so some people might enjoy the sun and blazing heat on vacation but not me. This morning I awoke to some lovely showers and a beautiful view. My family thinks I’m a little crazy but I’m more energized, awake, and ready to take on the day! …Can you feel my enthusiasm?


On the Way

This is a little past due but wi-fi has been a little spotty here. No surprise there. I had been meaning to blog on the flight but something about having my blog up for all neighbors to see was a little unsettling. So we made it! Me, my mother, my father, and my brother are all here in Puerto Vallarta and it is beautiful! The sun is hot and the air is humid-something we aren’t really used to right now in Colorado. I’m not really the tropical girl but I do love the ocean and when I say that I love the ocean, I mean I LOVE the ocean. Anyway I’m glad to be here and settled in.
One thing that I love about traveling is when I find a good book to read on the way. The night before I left on the trip I opened up a present that my good friend had sent me. She gave me a t-shirt, a letter, and The Paris Wife. It’s a novel by Paula McLain and so far I am obsessed. I cannot put this book down! Mind you I will say that I’m not the biggest reader, but something about this book was catching my attention big time. It’s all about Ernest Hemingway’s first marriage. My friend had noted that I reminded her of Hem and at first I laughed it off, but as I read on I found that she was spot on about some similarities. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. It just…was. The good the bad and the ugly I saw myself in him and the way people described him. His intensity, his blunt honesty, and even his mood swings. I take notes when I read and write in the margins even when it’s not for class so this book was becoming more and more marked up. Between the beach scenes, meals, and fruit smoothies I was drawn back into Ernest’s and Hadley’s world. I’m not gonna lie, this might actually be a relaxing vacation. Happy Holidays everyone and I hope you get to spend time with your loved ones as well!


Half Full

So here we are! I just finished my last final of the semester and I can’t lie, I’m feelin’ pretty good. I like to stay positive throughout the whole finals experience and I think it’s given me an edge. I’m less the type to be fretting and crying about grades but more the type to calm down, focus, relax with some friends, and soak up all the knowledge I can while doing my best no matter what. If you stress yourself out it just makes things a million times worse. I know this for a fact. Before this year really I was usually that person with dark circles as a BFF during finals week and hair that resembled a birds nest. I remember I would calculate my GPA and constantly worry that my parents and brother would no longer consider me a Lauber if I failed. Turns out, that was the worse thing to do.
I’ve always gotten good grades because I worked HARD. I played volleyball all my life-through high school and even a lot in college- so slacking was not in option in my blood. I think it’s when I started to realize there was more to life that my stress over grades escaped me. The grades would come because I did my best. All the time. Period. I also used a bit of The Secret and always talked myself up. No more, “I’m gonna fail!” or “This test is going to kill me!”…that was doing no good whatsoever.
Anyway I wanted to type a little something up out there for those of you who struggle. Maybe it’s the anxiety that gets you, or the overbooked library and students sleeping on couches outside classrooms. Whatever it may be, just let it go. Let it roll of your shoulders and be responsible for you.
In other news, I’m going to Mexico with my family and I’m pretty stoked. I’ll try to post up things as I go- I wana get more activity on this baby!…Ok maybe a little too excited for Mexico but oh well. To travel is to learn remember?

Stay positive my friends.




Usually I’m not a fan of the “selfies”, but I have come to the conclusion that I am throwing all caution to the wind here. With sleep loss at it’s finest I have been up for the past few weeks writing term papers and finishing up some critiques. I think my nerd status makes up for this shamless selfie…write? 😉

Late Night Thoughts

I’m putting this post up mainly for some mental relief so feel free to keep moving along if you don’t want to hear my rambles. This is the third draft I’ve started up for this and I am refusing to delete anymore. I have been having some trouble sleeping, but strangely enough I don’t mind it. I’m either working on schoolwork to avoid scary deadlines, working on my lovely business which I adore, or planning my future in my head. Small tasks *cue joke drums*. Anyway I digress. I know a lot of my friends are insomniacs but what does that really mean? Are our minds too busy with the unknown or is there something keeping our bodies from simply going to rest? I don’t mean this in the literal sense of course because I know there’s probably a medical reason that quite frankly I’m uninterested in looking up. I just cannot help but wonder how many people are up like me right now. Cheesy as it may be. My best friend tonight said that school will always loom over our heads until we’re done. Then it will be something else I’m sure. That’s when I stopped though…

You see, I am beginning to realize that I cannot worry about things so much. That I must let go. Things will move on and the only thing that you can offer and act on is your very best. I think individuals know in their guts if the really gave something their all. Lying to those around you about why you let yourself fail will never get you anywhere. But if you work hard, are honest, and push through to your goals with a force of passion then anything can be yours. Just remember how powerful you are.

In the sleepless nights I hope you remember this as I try to remind myself the same. If you don’t like something you have the power to change it and you have the power to better yourself. Don’t let the little things drag you down, this life is too beautiful for that.