On Top of My World

A few weeks ago I went on a little hike in (legitimately) my own backyard. There’s a peak above the house with trails leading up to it and it is quite the workout. My mother and my friend Whitney were along with me although I did not include pictures of them below.

The views were stunning when we reached the top and it really felt refreshing to look over not only my neighborhood, but for miles beyond it to the beautiful Colorado horizon. Personally, I always find a sense of peace when I’m on top of a mountain. The feeling always leaves me a little speechless, but I like the capturing the moment through pictures to help get that sense again later.

I had been debating posting up pictures of my hikes but have decided that sharing these might bring others serenity so here we are. I hope you enjoy!

I know, “selfies” are pretentious but LOOK AT THAT LAND.

Have an adventurous weekend.


P.S these photos are unedited and owned by Courtney Shea.


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