Create More

I have faded away from doing art related activities lately and find it rather sad. Being so caught up in schoolwork, papers, jobs, etc, I thought I just didn’t have time. But oh…how very wrong I was.

Art brings me happiness and is such an outlet. So to anyone out there who is discouraged, lost, frustrated, just remember you can always make something for yourself. Hang it up in your room or gift it to someone who loves you. Don’t always compare yourself to others-be your own kind of artist and never let your creativity be hindered


The Cycle of Relationships

In class this week we’ve been reading about relationships and their cycles and it got me thinking, does everyone go through the same thing in different situations?

Sitting there I couldn’t help but think about all my friendships and relationships that had gone wrong or simply faded into the abyss. Everything seemed to follow the same pattern. Initiation, Integration, Intensifying, Bonding…and then the decline and/or settle out.

There had to be an exception right?

I’m curious to how we humans interact with each other in the cost-benefit way. That seems too emotionless.

There must be more!