Finding a Quiet Place


Traveling can get overwhelming for some – and usually I fall into that category on occasions when trips get pretty hectic. Whether you’re going for business or pleasure there is one thing that I hope everyone gets time for and that’s finding moments for yourself.

In the Bahamas I kept my schedule pretty flexible but packed in as much as I could regardless. It was only for a few days and there were things that I really wanted to get done. However, one night while I was attending an island party out on the Blue Lagoon I was feeling a little smothered by all of the events. That’s when I wondered off to find this beauty of a beach.

It was a small area and it was actually closed due to the hide tide and rough waves that were going to come in. Yes, I managed to sneak a few touches of water but I kept (mostly) dry knowing I had to return to the main island later. Others ended up coming around to light some lanterns off in the ocean. Suddenly, I found myself in the company of those making wishes and the sounds of the waves. Everything slowed down. No longer was I lost in the hectic energy, but rather finding a new kind of calm in the company of strangers and the water.

I hope you all find peace. If not today, sometime this week.



The Crossfit Craze


On January 31st I got to experience Crossfit in a way I never imagined. Sure, one can go onto Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and various websites and probably read something about a Crossfit workout or see someone’s impressive personal records. Now whether you are tired of what seems like just a trendy craze or love it there’s one thing for sure – you have to see a competition.

Personally, I was never drawn to it and rolled my eyes at the people who seemed to endlessly banter about the “Crossfit Lifestyle”, but a gym called Crossfit Eminence in Thornton changed my mind. If the roars, cheers, and DJ in the corner aren’t enough to get your blood going there’s an unexplainable energy not only in the room but surrounding the entire building. Company t-shirts all around boasted the zip codes of where the athletes hail including team names like; Lowry Crossfit, Crossfit Golden, Crossfit Helix, Crossfit Lakewood, Crossfit Greenwood Village, etc. There were at least ten to fifteen groups there all competing and the events were wild.

Beyond the amazement of seeing a woman lift 195lbs over her head and a man lift 295lbs over his, there was support unlike any competitive event I’ve seen in awhile. Everyone genuinely wanted the others to carry out the event and to obtain their best. Being a competitive individual for the entirety of my life thus far, this was very refreshing. For those that understand lifting lingo these individuals were doing complexes which involved; power clean, front squat, squat clean, and split jerk – All without taking their hands off the bar.

Colorado is the perfect place for Crossfit and it’s changing the minds of a lot of people elsewhere. My advice? Stop groaning about it and check it out for yourself. You may find yourself in the Crossfit community.


Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong…


…with a little hot chocolate on a Saturday night. There’s also nothing wrong with a little incorrect grammar in a title for a post but that’s neither here nor there. I am here to tell you that I hope you all had an amazing weekend and sometimes we all need to take a moment just to take it easy.

If you weren’t raging or at the club this weekend – have no fear you are not alone. If you like to drink hot chocolate at night and be in your pjs before ten – have no fear you are not alone. I have been having some interesting conversations with friends lately about their lives after college graduation. Mostly, they speak of this impending doom of unemployment but I tend to speak of it like it’s a freedom and something to look forward to while still accepting the fact that it’s ok to be nervous. So this weekend I covered an event and then took it easy at home with my family.

Things get a little crazy in life. As some of us know Bueller once told us to take a look around before it passes us by and I agree with that fictional character. So sit back when you can and enjoy that coco. We all deserve it.

Let’s make this week a good one.


“You’ve Changed”

Well thank goodness!!

It’s a phrase that I have heard a lot but more so when I talk to friends that have known me for awhile. In life, I believe that we’ve probably all heard this once of twice. It can be something small like a haircut or a new look of fashion, but what I’m most curious about is the change in your personality or outlook on life.

I welcome this phrase now-a-days. Mostly, people would find it a bit harsh but change doesn’t have to be bad. Having a more positive outlook or seeing a situation as beneficial that used to bother you before- that’s a good thing.

So next time you hear someone say “You’ve changed” take a minute to try and see what they really mean. Are they perhaps jealous you’re not stuck in a rut and have a better time moving on than them? Do they actually miss this “old you” and are concerned? We’re all moving through this life on a journey so change for most is inevitable. Let’s just make sure it’s a positive change.

Keep on keepin’ on.


Cheers to 50…

…posts! It seems like such a small number for all the thoughts that rattle around in my brain when I think of all the blogging there is to do. I remember blogging back before high school and thinking that it was so deep and personal. Although that may have been the case for a little girl it’s pretty entertaining to look back at those posts or written out diaries of sorts. Life has a funny way of teaching you things in reverse.

In sum, I just want to take a little second to point out that everyone has a story to tell. No matter what is going on in your life it’s relevant to you. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s insignificant. If you want to write, photograph, play sports, travel, play video games – do it! Life is too short to do things that other people tell you are “better for you”. If it makes you happy make time for it. If it makes you grow as a person and fill your heart with joy, well freaking do it! I promise it will make things better even if it’s just for a bit.

Phew this got a little deep didn’t it? Anyway here’s to more posts, discussions, laughs, and maybe some good crying as well.


Take Some Time





Some simple shots of today. Sometimes when things are hard and times get a little trying it’s best to just step outside. Go for a walk, see some wildlife, and embrace the fresh air. Hope you all are having fantastic weekends!


Waking up With a Purpose

I find that mornings and I have a difficult relationship. One that I have to work on constantly. Compromise is usually involved with the occasional dash of rage. 

Ok moving on from that dull metaphor. 

What makes my mornings easier? Waking up and be excited about just one thing. JUST ONE. It turns my whole day around. Gratitude is something I like to practice as often as possible throughout the day but in the mornings it’s especially helpful. So a little piece of advice if you have trouble with the early AMs-just pick one thing to be happy or excited about. I don’t care if it’s that you like the activities set out for the day or you like the way the sheets feel on your legs. Maybe it’s something greater like the sheer fact that you’re alive. That’s great!

I hope this helps and you all can relate to me feelings on this. This morning I woke up with a purpose and the feeling that although there is sadness and loss in our world, there is also light and gain. 




Jack of All Trades

…but you don’t have to be a “master of none”. I like to think that ideas are endless and options are as well. This doesn’t mean that I am not skilled in them either. What I’m getting at here is you need to have that flow. Allow yourself to get into a lot of situations, jobs, projects, crafts, etc. Who says you can’t try things out?

Now realistically I can see where some would argue that if you want to be any good at any of them you need to pick one and stick with it. However, in my years I have noticed that’s not the case. I have been a soccer player, basketball player, a dancer, a swimmer, a highly competitive (and successful) figure skater, and have a National Title in Woman’s Volleyball-something I’m extremely proud of. This isn’t to brag or boast. Believe me, I have paid my dues and worked extremely hard. I also believe in the 10,000hr deal. You get out what you put in.

Before I go off on rambles let me get down to the point. Don’t close yourself off and think that you have to do just ONE thing with your life. Try things out. Play around. It may take awhile. Heck I’m still working at it and constantly diving into new things so you can too. 



Biting the Bullet

Over the years there have been many occasions where things are just unavoidable. Whether it’s something small like an exam for finals (which on the grand scale you all should accept as being “small”) or something larger like your brother moving out. Ok maybe you all are not on the same page with me on this but I find the fact that my brother will be moving out for the last time to be quite…depressing. 

Before I go into sappy details and get myself all upset again I wanted to write down about this because sometimes in life you really just have to bite the bullet. Things are sometimes out of your control whether you like it or not. It’s a hard lesson, but I think as you get older (and hopefully wiser as well) there are things you just have to let go of. Let go of, move through, push forward, painfully deal with-however you want to put it. 

Here’s where I want you to really think about things though. How much better would your life be if you accepted that certain things must happen? How much better would it be to go with the flow and at the same time do your very best? People are often very hard on themselves. At times it’s heartbreaking to see your friends or family go through these struggles but don’t forget it may happen to you. 

In sum, stay positive even when it seems impossible. If something is out of your hands let the world and all it’s energies take care of it. Whether it’s faith in something religious, the cosmos, or good ol’ Karma. You got this. 


And if all else fails, hang tight my friends.



A Peaceful Bit

Looking back at my time alone in the mountains I came to an interesting conclusion. Although I really don’t like mornings most of the time and am by no means a person to come into contact with before 8am-I DO love the morning air. I’m talking about those first few breaths outside shortly after the sun comes up. The mountains still had a little haze about them and everything just felt so new. I mean literally each morning just felt so fresh, like a blank canvas awaiting it’s paint. Not to get too sappy or hype things up but honestly it was one of the most beautiful things I got to experience while there. Granted it’s my uncles place and I can go back, but I will not be alone again there for awhile.
So I invite you, if you are in fact horrible with mornings, to try to find some beauty. A peaceful bit that you can hold onto and cherish. Even if it’s something as little as the steam that floats up from your coffee in the morning. I have faith that no matter where you are you can find something. Anything.
Feel free to share what that may be for you. You never know what kind of ideas that may spark in someone else!