Moving On – One Year Later

DISCLAIMER – This is a draft from OVER A YEAR AGO. Judge away, but I am going to post it regardless. Here you are :

Moving on from things can be a difficult task. Whether it’s job related, relationship oriented, or a geographical thing we’ve all been there. At times things can be a breeze and change can seem obvious or “right”. Other times, there is struggle and hardship. However, whatever you are going through and whatever “moving on” that you may be doing just remember this – there is always a silver lining.

I recently did a little moving of my own out to the mountains (cheers for finally getting wifi). Although it’s hard to complain with my surroundings and supportive family and friends there have been some complications. I feel like there are universal jokes about moving and how much hatred there is surrounding the act of packing all your belongings, and then unpacking them in a frantic state because WHERE THE HECK DID YOU PACK YOUR UNDERWEAR?! Ok that’s a little dramatic but we’ve all been there. If you’re wondering – yes, yes I did forget where I packed it.

Jokes aside, as much as I want to rip my hair out at times I’m thankful to be where I’m at. It’s a dream and it’s literally like living on a cloud up here. So really, my silver lining has a hint of blue.

I hope you find peace with all of your moving and shaking over the holiday season.


PS. These photos belong to and were taken by myself. They show a little look into my little bug and I en route to our new home. Hope you enjoy!


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