On Top of My World

A few weeks ago I went on a little hike in (legitimately) my own backyard. There’s a peak above the house with trails leading up to it and it is quite the workout. My mother and my friend Whitney were along with me although I did not include pictures of them below.

The views were stunning when we reached the top and it really felt refreshing to look over not only my neighborhood, but for miles beyond it to the beautiful Colorado horizon. Personally, I always find a sense of peace when I’m on top of a mountain. The feeling always leaves me a little speechless, but I like the capturing the moment through pictures to help get that sense again later.

I had been debating posting up pictures of my hikes but have decided that sharing these might bring others serenity so here we are. I hope you enjoy!

I know, “selfies” are pretentious but LOOK AT THAT LAND.

Have an adventurous weekend.


P.S these photos are unedited and owned by Courtney Shea.


Micellar – Just Expensive Water?

New trends are not only interesting but sometimes, if they’re good enough, they can change your daily routine. I’m talking about all accounts here; good tech can change how you work, a new outfit can change how you want to dress, and even new food trends can change your diet. Although a lot of the time some of these seem like “fluff” just to get some larger corporation better sales, I cannot deny I love to look into trends anyway. Today, I want to talk about a skincare trend.

It may seem trivial, but over the past couple of years micellar water has gained quite a bit of popularity. However, the French have been using this water as a cleansing staple in their skincare since the 50’s (blame their awful plumbing systems). Over here in the US I notice a lot of ladies talking about making the switch from washing their faces with tap water, to simply grabbing a cotton pad and their new favorite micellar water to get the job done. Naturally, I was curious and gave it a go.

In sum, I have found that using micellar water is a great deal more gentle on my skin. It’s clearer, more soothed, and clean without being stripped. Here in Colorado the weather can be unforgiving and dry, but the water can be harsher in some areas as well. As I move around from one spot to another I like knowing that my cleansing is constant. Enough babble about my face washing – here is a micellar product I have come to love and it’s not expensive compared to others like Caudalie that I have tried. I want to be an informed citizen…obviously.  

The Frenchies knew it all along.