A Personal Update

Let me start off by saying that if you are not interested in my personal life or my random ramblings, please, just keep scrolling. I just wanted to take a few moments to touch base with those of you who are invested in case you were wondering where the heck I’ve been. 

Well I’m still here and let me tell you it feels good to be back on this page doing some writing instead of some other jobs I’ve been getting myself into. Since we last spoke I had a pretty major surgery and dealt with some family things. Some things were sad and others were just necessary familial drama – we’ve all been there right?

Worry not, although my recovery was long and painful I’m fine now. However, I don’t find it appropriate at this time to share all of those details on the world wide web so lets just keep it simple shall we? I’m still breathing.

Onto some other exciting news – my brother is getting married! Legitamately a year from today! What else is exciting about this you may ask? Well hold onto your socks because his fiance (Debra) asked me to be a bridesmaid!! ME! We shed a few tears and I honestly couldn’t be happier for them. I can’t wait to party with them a year from now and laugh until my sides hurt. 

Halloween was pretty awesome this year and I spent it in Fort Collins with my brother and Debra at a house party. But Courtney aren’t you a little old to be at house parties now? Shut your face I’ll be going to house parties for the rest of my life – mark my words. 

All angst aside I have been keeping busy and will be moving again soon. As of November second I’m now 23 and if you know anything about me I’ve been listening to “What’s My Age Again?” pretty much on repeat since (I hope more than half of you get that reference). Travel posts will be coming soon as well as some more Colorado exploration. This post is now well past my limit so I bid you adieu.

Also…here’s a friendly reminder to do that resolution that you totally forgot about…I’m right there with ya.