Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong…


…with a little hot chocolate on a Saturday night. There’s also nothing wrong with a little incorrect grammar in a title for a post but that’s neither here nor there. I am here to tell you that I hope you all had an amazing weekend and sometimes we all need to take a moment just to take it easy.

If you weren’t raging or at the club this weekend – have no fear you are not alone. If you like to drink hot chocolate at night and be in your pjs before ten – have no fear you are not alone. I have been having some interesting conversations with friends lately about their lives after college graduation. Mostly, they speak of this impending doom of unemployment but I tend to speak of it like it’s a freedom and something to look forward to while still accepting the fact that it’s ok to be nervous. So this weekend I covered an event and then took it easy at home with my family.

Things get a little crazy in life. As some of us know Bueller once told us to take a look around before it passes us by and I agree with that fictional character. So sit back when you can and enjoy that coco. We all deserve it.

Let’s make this week a good one.