Past Travels: Egypt at Night


I was lucky enough to visit Egypt long ago and from the moment I left I was heartbroken. The culture, the sights, the obligatory monuments to visited, and the people I conversed with along the way were amazing. I realize that I was younger and a lot of the times was in unsafe areas or situations. However, I won’t lie when I say I made friends with a guard who carried around an AK47 on the bus when I traveled. A simple head nod and a smile and I knew everything was going to be fine. Whether that be naive or not that was my mindset many years ago.

One of the memories I constantly come back to is not seeing The Pyramids or The Sphinx, although they were wonderful and even more glorious than I expected, but I miss the night when we left port. I left the room, when down a hall, and found a spot to sit while I watched Egypt disappear into the night. The sounds of the mosques were echoing and it was perhaps one of the most peaceful moments of my life.

The lights were golden and the breeze was light. Even with all the chaos inside the city of Alexandria everything seemed so serene. I was sad to see this country off but hoped that someday I might see it again.

If not, I’m happy for the memories regardless.



More New York? (Video)

A month later and I’m still catching up with all my New York work. These videos are not only quite a process but they are little memorabilia- if you will. I love looking back through all my footage and putting it together to share with all of you.

Enough of the sappy bits here let’s get to it! If you would like to catch New York Torque – Day 3 click here. I would greatly appreciate a thumbs up and as always if you’d like to stay tuned for more adventures subscribe.

Hope you all enjoy and have a good week!


Finding a Quiet Place


Traveling can get overwhelming for some – and usually I fall into that category on occasions when trips get pretty hectic. Whether you’re going for business or pleasure there is one thing that I hope everyone gets time for and that’s finding moments for yourself.

In the Bahamas I kept my schedule pretty flexible but packed in as much as I could regardless. It was only for a few days and there were things that I really wanted to get done. However, one night while I was attending an island party out on the Blue Lagoon I was feeling a little smothered by all of the events. That’s when I wondered off to find this beauty of a beach.

It was a small area and it was actually closed due to the hide tide and rough waves that were going to come in. Yes, I managed to sneak a few touches of water but I kept (mostly) dry knowing I had to return to the main island later. Others ended up coming around to light some lanterns off in the ocean. Suddenly, I found myself in the company of those making wishes and the sounds of the waves. Everything slowed down. No longer was I lost in the hectic energy, but rather finding a new kind of calm in the company of strangers and the water.

I hope you all find peace. If not today, sometime this week.


Insider Info – Atlantis Poolside Edition

Something every traveler knows, or at least is aware of, is that there are numerous hints and tips that select locations keep to themselves. Perhaps no destination will admit these and only utter certain facts to “rewards members” but nonetheless there always seems to be more than what the generic guidebooks offer.

If you’re nodding along but also thinking “Obviously, Courtney” well I don’t blame you. What’s the best way to get this information though? I have found that today just simply talking to a local near the pool gave me some insider information.

This local, who happened to work on the resort grounds as well, told me all kinds of bits including how they set up the pool in the morning. What was most entertaining were the stories of people who actually came down hours before the pool even opened just to fight with others about chairs, seating, etc. Some people pick the strangest battles.

Other information included when the lines of the slides are down and how to skip other unnecessary steps (like showing your room card at certain areas) were helpful. Granted, I didn’t seek out this information in other ways but it was still nice to gather it from someone who knew what they were talking about.

So here’s to finding out information through one of the best mediums – communication.


Slightly Facing Fears


Day two and I finally got to see what everyone was talking about – the slides. Although they had only been a few steps away the previous night I got to see them in all their glory today in the sunshine.

This photo is not facing them at all, but rather from the base of the “Leap of Faith” and above the underground one. I have to be honest in saying that the line for them was extremely long throughout the day and the shouts didn’t seem too positive. I saw one little girl practically take flight and an older gentleman pass the speed of sound. Ok I may be exaggerating but it was very entertaining nonetheless.

What I’m perhaps most afraid of in this world as far as physical things are sharks. Today I stood next to the glass as they swam by and that was enough for me. Personally, they are the biggest creeps on this earth and their eyes and teeth are just the icing on the cake. If cake was terrifying and ominous in water.

It’s hard telling what all tomorrow will bring for activities and adventures. One thing I know for sure is I’m heading to the ocean again (swimming out there doesn’t phase me – strange isn’t it?). Hope you all are having a fantastic week and going out with a bang!



Hello Bahamas!


It’s my first time in the Bahamas and I have to be honest – I’m disoriented.

Not only did I sleep for just an hour and a half before leaving my house at approximately 4:07am to catch my flight but the days leading up to my departure were filled with rushing to finish school papers, projects, and presentations. Alright enough whining because really – with this view how hard can life be?

I have yet to fully figure out what Atlantis is all about. So far I loved the drive through town and have already been planning my escape from the resort. Does anyone have any suggestions? Feel free to let me know any tips you may have. I’ve looked into a few things but what I’ve gathered is that I should conquer the slides.

We’ll see about that.


Another New York (Video)

Day two was a blast and although it was cold at some points we ended up seeing some really cool sights.

You can check the video out here! Please feel free to subscribe and pass it on to your friends – thanks guys!

What would you do on your second day in NYC?