Back to Summer 2014

As many of you may or may not know I run a YouTube channel. Despite all the craze and growth of the platform I’ve had it for years now and recently have been posting my work and actually keeping it on the site. That being said, I want to throw in a little post here to let you all know that I have a new (or rather old) video now up from last summer.

I love horseback riding and this trip was nothing short of amazing so I hope you all can enjoy as well. To go to my homepage it’s simply this channel and the video itself can be seen here. Sharing my adventures is my passion so have a look and add some thoughts if you see fit!

Thanks again and I apologize in advance for the shakes in the video – it was a wild ride.



Cat Lady? Maybe…










As some of you may or may not know I was recently house sitting up in the mountains. I not only live in the mountains myself (and spend times of the year at the foothills for school) but I have friends and family in higher altitude as well. Yesterday, however, was my last day in the house that I was watching and had to say goodbye to my new furry friends. I think it’s at this point where I start to sound a little insane…

Am I a “Cat Lady” you ask? Perhaps. I love all types of animals and woodland creatures but befriending cats at homes (and parties) just seems to happen. These little ladies were a little crazy too and chillin’ with them outside became normal for us. I wanted to share a few shots of them. Does anyone else have outdoor cats that go a little crazy and hunt down hummingbirds??

Ballsy little creatures I tell ya.