More New York? (Video)

A month later and I’m still catching up with all my New York work. These videos are not only quite a process but they are little memorabilia- if you will. I love looking back through all my footage and putting it together to share with all of you.

Enough of the sappy bits here let’s get to it! If you would like to catch New York Torque – Day 3 click here. I would greatly appreciate a thumbs up and as always if you’d like to stay tuned for more adventures subscribe.

Hope you all enjoy and have a good week!



Another New York (Video)

Day two was a blast and although it was cold at some points we ended up seeing some really cool sights.

You can check the video out here! Please feel free to subscribe and pass it on to your friends – thanks guys!

What would you do on your second day in NYC?


Arizona Horseback Riding (Video)

Winter holiday is always a time for exploring, checking out new areas, and rushing around to get everything done that you had hoped for. In my personal experience any winter holiday, fall break, spring break, summer – you name it – I never really give myself a time to sit back and relax. On that note I would like to tell you all that I have another video up from this past winter holiday containing another activity that I got to cram into my break.

Horseback riding is not something that is new to my channel so if you want to check out other videos on my home page click here. If you want to get right to my most recently posted video you can click here.

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