New York Torque – Day 1 (Video)

Another updated video post here. I am proud to announce that Day 1 is up and running! In conjunction with my previous post about the real day one I hope you all enjoy a look into my day of travel when I took off to New York.

Check it out here, and feel free to throw in some feedback!



The “Real” Day One

As anyone who travels probably knows there is a fine line between your travel days and the time you spend at your destination. A fine line meaning it’s not really that “fine” at all and travel days can completely throw off your mojo…and no not like Austin Powers.

In any case, I think it’s important to really take care of yourself while you take that first day (or days) to get to wherever you may be going. Long flights can take a toll on your hygiene, attitude, and overall gusto if you’re not careful. Having plenty of water is essential (and a pretty good life tip in general) but also washing your hands and face can help. Doing some kind of skincare is also a favorite among many, although face wipes alone usually do the trick for me.

Walking around, stretching, eating healthy snacks and not going overboard on the flight beverages can also help. What if you’re in a car you ask? Same rules apply. Junk food from gas stations and not getting some fresh air can put a damper on your trip and your guests’ moods as well. Doing things “down and dirty” can be fun if you don’t have the supplies with you and want to cool off in a river (I imagine this occurring over a road trip out west) but for those of you who are a bit more dainty there are ways to make it more “glam” – aka stopping at a nice hotel for one night, fine dining, shopping, etc.

What are your thoughts on the original “Day One”? How do you get through the travel? Personally I both adore and avoid it and lately Afrin is the only thing that helps the pain in my ears from flying.

We all love reaching our favorite/new locations so don’t forget to start off on the right foot!


Observe vs. Record


This spring break I took a trip to the east side of the country and I can say that I genuinely have been missing it since I’d seen it last. New York was my final destination and I had seen it long ago through the eyes of a fifth grader. I remember (most) everything about that trip and was ecstatic to get the chance to see it again. How wondrous is it that you can fall in love with a place and think that someday you will see it again? Like a lost puppy returning to a buzzing home of lights and sound I could barely contain myself.

I had made a mental note to myself that going into this trip I would keep everything updated; social medias, my friends, my family, my fellow bloggers and youtubers altogether. However, as it sometimes turns out I did not keep up with all of my activities and devices at the same time. This is not to say that I wasn’t savvy enough or driven enough to do so, but the fact of the matter was that I wanted to observe, record, and then later update everyone. I knew it from the first night of exhaustion. My mother came with me and this was a time to really soak up the experiences we had planned along with the culture of New York as a whole.

One can imagine where I am going with this post and yes – essentially these next few writings will be about my time in New York but have no fear! I took many photographs, notes, and videos to make sure I kept it all straight. This city is not one to waste a single moment on and while I was walking over ten miles a day to see everything I wanted (and to save change on cab rides) it was a trip I’ll never forget..but aren’t they all??

I hope you all enjoy these experiences and share some of your own ideas/thoughts if you so choose. I realize some of the things I did were cliche but let’s be straight with each other – there are just certain things that need to be done and seeing Balto in Central Park was on the top of my list.

I love NY.



Arizona Horseback Riding (Video)

Winter holiday is always a time for exploring, checking out new areas, and rushing around to get everything done that you had hoped for. In my personal experience any winter holiday, fall break, spring break, summer – you name it – I never really give myself a time to sit back and relax. On that note I would like to tell you all that I have another video up from this past winter holiday containing another activity that I got to cram into my break.

Horseback riding is not something that is new to my channel so if you want to check out other videos on my home page click here. If you want to get right to my most recently posted video you can click here.

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Tom’s Thumb (Video)

For those of you who were interested in my Tom’s Thumb post I am happy to announce that my video is up on my channel – and I think it turned out well! I had a lot of fun on this hike so hopefully while you all watch it you have some fun too. It was a beautiful sunset paired with a challenge to get to the top.

If you would like to go to my channel to check out all of my videos and adventures click here. If you want to go straight to the Tom’s Thumb video click here. Please don’t forget to subscribe for future adventures – there are some really exciting things happening in the next few weeks! Thumbs up for Tom!

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday.

Don’t forget to change those clocks…


Breakfast Worth Waking Up For



To perhaps lighten the news from my last posting I want to bring attention to one of my favorite breakfast places in Centennial Colorado. Known for their long lines Snooze can deter a lot of people. However, I will warn you that once you get a taste of Snooze, no wait time will matter ever again.

Ok maybe I am going a little overboard because I love it so much. Here’s the thing – as someone with weird food allergies I have NEVER gotten something lacking flavor. What could possibly make it better? The fact that the staff are incredibly kind, funny, and lively without being too bubbly for those that aren’t into mornings.

What lovely plate do I have pictured here? Well it’s called “OMG French Toast,” but I get it with gluten free pancakes because of a allergen in the french toast. It has caramel sauce, a vanilla cream sauce, coconut shavings and fresh (seriously FRESH) strawberries. I have gotten other dishes in the past such as; an egg plate, their hash browns, multiple coffee drinks, etc. Time after time I go back to these lovely flapjacks, and I’ve even turned on a few friends and family members to the altered plate. In sum, it’s a great food spot with good energy and killer portions (in a good way).

Dig in, you won’t be sorry.


A Stanley Substitute










There are those that are curious about the paranormal and those that simply stray away. Whether you’re on one side of the fence or the other there is probably one place that you have at least heard of – The Stanley Hotel. A place where many can take tours, simply look upon, or even stay the night for a pretty penny in the haunted chambers where Steven Spielberg once did. Whatever your fancy may be it should be noted that there are alternatives and hidden gems much like the Stanley within the reach of anyone who is ok with haunting stories and wants to spend the night. One I had the pleasure of looking into is called The Brook Forest Inn, and it did nothing but captivate me during the entire visit.

The Brook Forest Inn, all haunting stories aside for the moment, is a really nice inn that has fine dining, a pub, and of course lodging. It’s tucked away back in the mountains near the small town of Evergreen. Upon arriving you can even get a packet with historical dates and information on the establishment – should you want more information without asking too many questions. However, I was interested in the rumors of hauntings and lucky for me a young woman named Ali was just wrapping up a tour and gladly answered my questions while showing me around and telling me even more stories than I could have hoped for.

There are a total of 16 rooms that one could stay in here at the inn. All of them have names that hold some important to the place, mostly, which are Italian and French. Interestingly enough Ali told me that a president had stayed at The Brook Forest as well as “the lady from the titanic”. I chuckled as I walked the chandelier lit halls, I couldn’t believe how lucky I got at getting a “guide” that was so casual and open. Ali had lived across the street for 13 years before picking up a job at the inn. Before that, as a child she explained that she was always curious about the grounds and exploring them was something she regularly did. Her and I shared the same past of exploring intriguing places when we were young, but then again I guess nothing much has changed since then…

The dining area was very beautiful and the rooms upstairs were even more unique than I had imagined. Each one different from the next and decorated either according to the name (i.e. the Princess room being pink and flowery) or just based on what seemed to be a color scheme. Personally, I thought the Parisian was stunning with purple, but was even more drawn to it after hearing that an actual death had occurred in it. Apparently, there were four known deaths that had happened at Brook Forest. People claim to see Clark from the Livery, a little boy on the third floor, and an older woman in the attic who seemed to be the protector of it all.

I wanted to hear more about the area and couldn’t get enough. If you’re like me and you have an interest in this as well I will add that you need not fear these haunting rumors. Of all the information I was given nothing was mentioned as being threatening or scary for any of the staff or guests. However, there is word that Nazi members used to meet in the building and somewhere there is a Swastika underneath the carpet – but no one is jumping at the chance to rip that up anytime soon.

For those of you who are interested in grabbing a bite, staying the night, or even booking a wedding you can always visit their website I do hope that you all enjoy it because it really is an alternative to the more trafficked Stanley with allure and comfort to make it all worth it.

Who knows, you could be the next Spielberg here.


P.S. The fries at the bar are exceptional.

Brothel Turned Cofffee Shop






Down in Evergreen, Colorado there is one thing that locals and coffee snobs can agree upon – The Muddy Buck has a good cup of joe. However, there may be some information that individuals do not know about pertaining to this comfy coffee shop on the strip. From changes in ownership to being an older hotel slash brothel, The Muddy Buck has quite the history.

Personally, this is a place I like to go while in Evergreen whether I’m just passing through or staying for a few weeks. Their chai and gluten free options are some choices on the top of my list to get, but talk to any coffee lover and they’re sure to praise their signature in-house coffee. With multiple options from a kitchen that’s open until three pm and a multitude of latte flavor combinations, I have no doubt that this is a place that can please most. Sitting right next to the infamous Little Bear bar also helps drive a good amount of traffic.

I got the chance to catch the owner Diane today for a word about her experience with the place. She has owned it since 2012 but was not short on information and fun facts about the place. From 1859 to 1940 it was the Evergreen hotel. In the older times it was even rumored to be more like a brothel, given its location and residents who stayed in the hotel. Downstairs was more of a meet and greet area with a large fireplace. Over the years there have been unfortunate fires that have taken some of the building down but the front door, back areas, and thick beams are all still original. Today, everything else that you see is reclaimed from all over the state of Colorado.

Tonight they will hold the third annual “Evergreen’s Got Talent,” which is similar to an open mic for whoever signs up earlier for the event. They’ve been known to have live music on a regular basis and other various events in conjunction with other happenings in the town. It’s worth a stop by or a long sit in. If you have the time, I recommend even spending an evening there if you can.

Happy sipping!