“You’ve Changed”

Well thank goodness!!

It’s a phrase that I have heard a lot but more so when I talk to friends that have known me for awhile. In life, I believe that we’ve probably all heard this once of twice. It can be something small like a haircut or a new look of fashion, but what I’m most curious about is the change in your personality or outlook on life.

I welcome this phrase now-a-days. Mostly, people would find it a bit harsh but change doesn’t have to be bad. Having a more positive outlook or seeing a situation as beneficial that used to bother you before- that’s a good thing.

So next time you hear someone say “You’ve changed” take a minute to try and see what they really mean. Are they perhaps jealous you’re not stuck in a rut and have a better time moving on than them? Do they actually miss this “old you” and are concerned? We’re all moving through this life on a journey so change for most is inevitable. Let’s just make sure it’s a positive change.

Keep on keepin’ on.



How Tea Saved My Life This Week


Alright I’m gonna chill on the drama still rolling from the title of this post to tell you how it really is.

We’ve all been there – you see a food item that’s a little past the date but it looks fine, smells fine, cooks fine. In some cases it even tastes fine and you can usually get away without even a stomach ache. Well, this week I was mistaken by some brussels sprouts. Let me explain just a bit that I am a verryyyy very frugal individual. I mean some of the things I do I won’t even utter to my friends. Regardless these babies hit me with some food poisoning the night before a big speech and midterm. I needed some kind of miracle.

The next morning, after phoning my Ma about a million times, I got on the hot tea train and haven’t looked back since. I’m usually a big advocate for caffeine in all forms and I do love my tea. However, coffee and I are on weird terms and tea came through with the clutch.

Green tea has been my go-to for years and it’s jasmine variations are really wonderful. Today though, I met up with good ol’ earl grey. So, I invite you to drink tea when you can and embrace it when you need help. You never know when your little cuppa could save your life 😉



PS. A dear dear friend of mine gave me this mug (she obviously knows me well) so I love you Nina and I think of you always when curling up with this bad boy. Thanks a million!

Innocent Addiction or Poison?


Behold the infamous PSL! For those of you who perhaps live under a rock or don’t give a hoot about Starbucks and their empire that stands for Pumpkin Spice Latte. Now I have never really been into the whole pumpkin craze that everyone seems to be obsessing with during fall. Sure, fall is beautiful and my second favorite season but why does everything have this pumpkin flavor or smell?? I digress….

What I really want to discuss is this debate on if this drink is in fact poison as some people are claiming it to be. I’ve had a couple articles sent to me about the cancer-giving additives and harmful chemicals so I’m a little upset that something that I just got into may be the end of me as I know it. Ok the drama in this post is on another level but I’m still curious. What do you guys think? Innocent addition or is the PSL a new poison hiding in wonderful whip cream and nutmeg?

(Yes, this picture was taken weeks before I questioned the integrity of the beloved latte. And yes, I had a reward so I got the largest size – sue me).

Let me know what you guys think and I hope you have a lovely fall filled with pumpkin themed shenanigans!


Lets Talk About Your Body

More specifically- your body wash. I have been known to talk about body wash before, whether it was on my channel or in random social media posts. I don’t think it’s something that too many people think about – or at least it was never really something I thought about before either. Growing up I always used whatever was easiest to access or whatever I kindly took from hotels. However, over the past few years my skin is not too fond of the same stuff that once didn’t make a difference. Let me be clear though, I never knew what a good body wash could do for your skin. Here, I have two awesome products that have recently rocked my world.

Currently, I am using the Papaya Mango in the shower and saving the Mulberry Vanilla for the winter (it’s sweeter and has a warmer smell, hence saving it for holiday time). As some of you may know Colorado is sunny as heck still and it feels much like summer so the Mango is a great additive to my senses. What have I noticed you ask? Let me fill you in.

It’s been probably a week that I’ve been using Korres’ shower gel for the first time and I have seen a HUGE difference. I no longer get irritation on my upper arms (seriously, what IS that?), my skin isn’t itchy AT ALL, and I honestly can go without any lotion after my shower and still feel like my skin is moisturized. I love Korres as a brand and think they make phenomenal skin care – little did I know their bath items could be so great.

Another great perk for all you beauty people that are nerdy too – they include the percentage of natural content and all the things that are included as well as all the chemicals and pesky things that are not. (Papaya Mango is 90.2% natural content and they change between formulas). No synthetic dyes, no PEGs, no mineral oil, no parabens, no silicones, no petroletum, no animal by-product or testing, etc. etc. etc. Oh, and also suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people with wheat and nut issues. I’m a happy camper.

All in all I know that everyone has different skin/skin concerns but I highly recommend these products. They smell amazing and the scent lingers without being overpowering. Another benefit you say? When they’re sold in bulk or on sale they are super reasonable. I got mine for $10 each in this specific order. Normally, as listed on their site, they can be around $20. A little word to the wise; you’re getting what you pay for.

Hope this helps and you all can indulge in these amazing products!