Micellar – Just Expensive Water?

New trends are not only interesting but sometimes, if they’re good enough, they can change your daily routine. I’m talking about all accounts here; good tech can change how you work, a new outfit can change how you want to dress, and even new food trends can change your diet. Although a lot of the time some of these seem like “fluff” just to get some larger corporation better sales, I cannot deny I love to look into trends anyway. Today, I want to talk about a skincare trend.

It may seem trivial, but over the past couple of years micellar water has gained quite a bit of popularity. However, the French have been using this water as a cleansing staple in their skincare since the 50’s (blame their awful plumbing systems). Over here in the US I notice a lot of ladies talking about making the switch from washing their faces with tap water, to simply grabbing a cotton pad and their new favorite micellar water to get the job done. Naturally, I was curious and gave it a go.

In sum, I have found that using micellar water is a great deal more gentle on my skin. It’s clearer, more soothed, and clean without being stripped. Here in Colorado the weather can be unforgiving and dry, but the water can be harsher in some areas as well. As I move around from one spot to another I like knowing that my cleansing is constant. Enough babble about my face washing – here is a micellar product I have come to love and it’s not expensive compared to others like Caudalie that I have tried. I want to be an informed citizen…obviously.  

The Frenchies knew it all along.



Relax, Skip the Bath

There is a reason why, after hundreds of years, baths have stood the test of time. Namely, they are relaxing and even in ancient times bathing was a very social activity. That’s not to say that they do not have public baths (or springs) today where people can go, be social, and talk about the latest politics. However, sometimes the last thing you want to do after a long day is immerse yourself in a pool of water and your own sweat.

Want to relax but skip the questionable water? Well I have a solution.

A friend of mine was kind enough to send these little wonders to me long ago and they’re pretty fantastic. Basically they are shower tablets that you put on the floor of your shower while you are doing your routine. You can even put the tablets in a bit before you actually step foot in the shower just so the aromatherapy can really take over. It’s pleasant, it’s relaxing, and they dissolve without leaving a mess.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my LUSH bath bombs and occasional bubble bath, but there is something nice about enjoying your shower too. If you are a busy person (or too impatient to wait for the bath to fill) then these tablets would be right up your alley as well.

Remember, treating yourself does not always have to be a luxury…it can be a necessity too.


Lets Talk About Your Body

More specifically- your body wash. I have been known to talk about body wash before, whether it was on my channel or in random social media posts. I don’t think it’s something that too many people think about – or at least it was never really something I thought about before either. Growing up I always used whatever was easiest to access or whatever I kindly took from hotels. However, over the past few years my skin is not too fond of the same stuff that once didn’t make a difference. Let me be clear though, I never knew what a good body wash could do for your skin. Here, I have two awesome products that have recently rocked my world.

Currently, I am using the Papaya Mango in the shower and saving the Mulberry Vanilla for the winter (it’s sweeter and has a warmer smell, hence saving it for holiday time). As some of you may know Colorado is sunny as heck still and it feels much like summer so the Mango is a great additive to my senses. What have I noticed you ask? Let me fill you in.

It’s been probably a week that I’ve been using Korres’ shower gel for the first time and I have seen a HUGE difference. I no longer get irritation on my upper arms (seriously, what IS that?), my skin isn’t itchy AT ALL, and I honestly can go without any lotion after my shower and still feel like my skin is moisturized. I love Korres as a brand and think they make phenomenal skin care – little did I know their bath items could be so great.

Another great perk for all you beauty people that are nerdy too – they include the percentage of natural content and all the things that are included as well as all the chemicals and pesky things that are not. (Papaya Mango is 90.2% natural content and they change between formulas). No synthetic dyes, no PEGs, no mineral oil, no parabens, no silicones, no petroletum, no animal by-product or testing, etc. etc. etc. Oh, and also suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people with wheat and nut issues. I’m a happy camper.

All in all I know that everyone has different skin/skin concerns but I highly recommend these products. They smell amazing and the scent lingers without being overpowering. Another benefit you say? When they’re sold in bulk or on sale they are super reasonable. I got mine for $10 each in this specific order. Normally, as listed on their site, they can be around $20. A little word to the wise; you’re getting what you pay for.

Hope this helps and you all can indulge in these amazing products!



Beauty Blerg

Well I have to admit something. I’m not a huge beauty blogger/vlogger. That said, in the past six (plus) years it’s become very obvious to me what’s important when it comes to my makeup and skincare. If you know me you know I can talk till I’m blue in the face about effective products that are earth friendly at the same time. Yes, you can be chic and green at the same time.
I gravitate towards things that are more natural in the beauty world. I’m not saying 100% of my items are 100% organic, natural, green, vegan, etc. But the majority of them are. Drugstore or Sephora, Ulta or online-I’m always into researching products before I buy them. I say this all because I want to do a slur of posts on this topic. Not because I think I’m some fabulous human being, but because I want to share and connect, start discussions, and post up my experiences on that end as well.
Cheesy as it may be it’s just something I want to incorporate into my blog. If it’s not your cup of tea, please keep scrolling. I can bet it won’t be your “typical” beauty experience though. Hope you enjoy!


For Travel, For Lazy


Alright alright alright. So here’s my first official bit of beauty on this blog on specific products. What’s the greatest part of this you ask? TRAVEL AND BEAUTY COMBINED. I’m a firm believer that if you’re on a mission or on the move to do some extreme adventurous activity you won’t have time to mess with makeup (or removing it for that matter). So here are some products I love to throw in my bag, or keep in my bathroom for when I’m too lazy to bother.

First product: The Korres Pomegranate Cleansing Wipes. I have used these for a few years now and travel with them as well as use them when I’m at home. There are 25 in a packet and after having one packet for over a year, forgetting about it, and finding it-it STILL wasn’t dried up. So that was awesome. They are cleansing, smell awesome, and leave your skin feeling awesome. Key ingredients- pomegranate extract to reduce pore size and provide antioxidants, and vitamin e which is a powerful antioxidant that provides moisture. Two thumbs up for sure.

Second product: Tarte Fresh Eyes- Maracuja waterproof eye makeup remover wipes. Phew what a name. First off, I haven’t been using these nearly as long as the others but I like that they are gentle, biodegradable, and actually work. The maracuja in the wipes are rich in fatty acids which are so good for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Vitamin C is also great in these because they rebuild and replenish the skin. Grapeseed oil, papaya extract, and pineapple extract are also some great ingredients. Take care of your peepers people!

Hope you found this helpful. I also did a review on some products not long ago on my youtube channel if you’re more of a visual person with these things. http://www.youtube.com/courtneylauber is where you can me!

Remember, you can be adventurous and take care of your skin on the run!