Reminants of a Spontaneous Dinner


Tonight was about to be a normal night here at the apartment when our neighbor dropped by. For weeks we said we were going to get Thai, but I honestly didn’t think tonight would be the night that we all went. Apparently his roommate had a friend coming over to get dinner and if we wanted to go along the time was now. Dinner was great and I ended up having dessert (who cares about meal customs!) which was Thai Custard with Sticky Rice. And yes, I’m capitalizing that because it’s important. Anyway now some Friends reruns while I try to muster up some motivation for school work. Hope you all are having/had a lovely Tuesday!



The Glory That Is Take-Out Thai

Every once in awhile (all the time) I get a craving for Thai food. More specifically, take-out. The kind where you call it in spur of the moment (or have been planning it all day) and by the time you get to the restaurant it’s on the counter and you’re ready to go. The car smells like thai for a few days, but honestly I love it. Here’s a list of the benefits I briefly noted tonight while enjoying my glorious meal;
1. You don’t have to do (as many) dishes-I try to still use my own silverware
2. You can eat it in the container while watching Netflix
3. More time at home with your family and/or pets
4. Someone graciously made this meal for you
5. The ingredients are probably a lot more fresh than those of my own stock
6. It’s thai food. And I can get my order every single time without judgement because that’s how take-out is. *Pad thai mild plus gluten free(for allergy purposes)*

So six basic things that I think pretty much rock. It’s no science, but the joy that these random meals gives me is borderline ridiculous. Kick back, relax, and perhaps order yourself some take-out tonight.



The Funk

Now I know some people may come to this post and already have some preconceived notion of what “the funk” is but I’m here to set things straight. The funk is being in a weird mood, waking up and feeling odd, not being able to be productive, and possibly having an attitude for no good reason at all. Ok maybe I’m just describing my Monday but man oh man was I in a funk today.

Although I love my usual Mondays (even more so than my Tuesdays) everything felt a little off on this glorious day. I am normally a fairly positive person and know that the law of attraction does wonders. However, today had me stuck. I woke up feeling groggy and weird from a freakish nightmare but decided I would soon forget about it. The weather was almost like fall and spring at the same time and every time I looked at the clock I was certain the time was incorrect. Back in my apartment I have been pacing, planning, and most of all procrastinating. At times like this you just gotta do what you gotta do, ya know?

I fired up some tea and I’m ready to get to work. Or go to the gym….or read…or nap. The funk is real!


Well well well…

Here we are, another year and another Valentine’s Day for some of us to celebrate and some of us to stress. I won’t lie I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan of this day. I honestly miss the days when my Ma would give me chocolates and a Beanie Baby as my special gifts. It’s a little hilarious to think about because still today I would rather celebrate with her and my family than anyone else. Some have been good, others have been downright awful. It’s not just the fact that I’m not really into pink and hearts everywhere, but the expectations for people who aren’t together to go on forced dates is quite possibly my worst nightmare. Well well well…

I want to say that I have a lot of love for my friends and family. Today I will celebrate with those who are close to me location wise and send love to those I miss from afar. So forget all the crap if today isn’t your thing but celebrate today for yourself in whichever way you want. Eat some candy, watch some horrible movies, take a walk and act like it ain’t no thang. Whatever you chose I hope your day is filled with light and love!


Fangirl Moment

Ok so this just in: While I was traveling back home from Mexico I noticed a somewhat STUNNING girl in the airport. We were both picking up drinks at Starbucks and I have to say…I was loving her style. The studded boots, the black sweater with big letters, her light but perfect makeup. Ok so I was weirdly obsessed. Ever since then I kept thinking that I have seen her on tumblr, in real life, in fashion magazines maybe. It was safe to say that it was driving me a little crazy because I felt like I should know who she was. Well…today I have found it all out.
Ladies and Gentleman I was with Chiara Ferragni. Now I don’t know how much of a big deal she is but from what I have seen so far I am impressed and inspired. She does this “Blonde Salad” thing and although this all seemed absurd she has 1.9m followers on Instagram. I had just so happened to click the news tab (which I rarely do) and one of my friends had liked a picture of hers. I clicked on it and my mind was jogged. Holy crap! Maybe everyone is reading this and thinking I’m a little crazy but it’s like when you can’t think of a word and it’s right on the tip of your tongue. Only this rad chick had been on my mind for over six weeks and I couldn’t see why! Phew. Ok I’m glad I had this revelation and had my moment. Fangirl moment out!


The Olympics Had Me Like…

Alright as much as the title may poke fun at the phrases that vine may have made famous, I am serious when I say that the Olympics make me both emotional and motivated. I have been an athlete of many forms. When I say many forms I mean I was once a figure skater and most recently I am a National Champion for college volleyball.  It’s safe to say I get a little nostalgic every once in awhile. Figure skating especially brings back old memories during this time of year. Besides all the personal ties has anyone else noticed that the commercials make you choke up a little? That the winners bring out glossy eyes when they hug their families? What a beautiful event.

Now that I’ve rambled on about myself I want to hear what you guys think. Do you love it or hate it? Watch it or avoid it? The Olympics motivate me to get back to my athletic blood in the highest sense. Something about putting them on in the gym just makes me run a little further and pedal a lot harder.

More to come and sending light and love!


Land Before Media

The other day in class my professor was going on her normal chatter about media and how important it is to today’s world. I nodded along not only because I agreed with her but I wanted to stay engaged in the class on this busy Wednesday (this was last week). All of the sudden she said something that really perked up my ears. She spoke of a hypothetical situation where we had no media, lived in a little village or tribe, and never traveled outside our town walls. To some this may seem absurd, but I knew that this is the case for people in the world today. The land before media sounded like a nightmare for most…

Take a minute to think about how deep your connections would be with your community. How nightly stories around a fire would be your only source of information and traveling as far as you could on foot would be your only adventures. Wild! I thought to myself that although I would miss my wifi I would be involved in so many other things. Art would be different and more hands on, my conversations would be completely changed, and I would be a different person altogether. Anyway I just had to post something up about it because ever since that day I was stuck on the thought of no media in this little town. Back to the books!

Happy Monday everyone:)