Empty of the Day – Korres Shower Gel

As I progress in life through all things beauty related I find myself not only more curious, but also more picky. Splurging is definitely something I do while being realistic is safer for my wallet. I know I have talked about these before – Korres Shower Gels. This scent is Japanese Rose.

Although I do love a nicely scented bath item the $19.50 price point is not necessary. I purchased this product awhile back and it was actually part of a variety pack in bulk. It feels great, doesn’t leave a film or greasy feeling, but ultimately it hasn’t transformed my life so my twenty bucks will be spent elsewhere.

Tell me, would you purchase this item repeatedly?



Moving On – One Year Later

DISCLAIMER – This is a draft from OVER A YEAR AGO. Judge away, but I am going to post it regardless. Here you are :

Moving on from things can be a difficult task. Whether it’s job related, relationship oriented, or a geographical thing we’ve all been there. At times things can be a breeze and change can seem obvious or “right”. Other times, there is struggle and hardship. However, whatever you are going through and whatever “moving on” that you may be doing just remember this – there is always a silver lining.

I recently did a little moving of my own out to the mountains (cheers for finally getting wifi). Although it’s hard to complain with my surroundings and supportive family and friends there have been some complications. I feel like there are universal jokes about moving and how much hatred there is surrounding the act of packing all your belongings, and then unpacking them in a frantic state because WHERE THE HECK DID YOU PACK YOUR UNDERWEAR?! Ok that’s a little dramatic but we’ve all been there. If you’re wondering – yes, yes I did forget where I packed it.

Jokes aside, as much as I want to rip my hair out at times I’m thankful to be where I’m at. It’s a dream and it’s literally like living on a cloud up here. So really, my silver lining has a hint of blue.

I hope you find peace with all of your moving and shaking over the holiday season.


PS. These photos belong to and were taken by myself. They show a little look into my little bug and I en route to our new home. Hope you enjoy!

A Personal Update

Let me start off by saying that if you are not interested in my personal life or my random ramblings, please, just keep scrolling. I just wanted to take a few moments to touch base with those of you who are invested in case you were wondering where the heck I’ve been. 

Well I’m still here and let me tell you it feels good to be back on this page doing some writing instead of some other jobs I’ve been getting myself into. Since we last spoke I had a pretty major surgery and dealt with some family things. Some things were sad and others were just necessary familial drama – we’ve all been there right?

Worry not, although my recovery was long and painful I’m fine now. However, I don’t find it appropriate at this time to share all of those details on the world wide web so lets just keep it simple shall we? I’m still breathing.

Onto some other exciting news – my brother is getting married! Legitamately a year from today! What else is exciting about this you may ask? Well hold onto your socks because his fiance (Debra) asked me to be a bridesmaid!! ME! We shed a few tears and I honestly couldn’t be happier for them. I can’t wait to party with them a year from now and laugh until my sides hurt. 

Halloween was pretty awesome this year and I spent it in Fort Collins with my brother and Debra at a house party. But Courtney aren’t you a little old to be at house parties now? Shut your face I’ll be going to house parties for the rest of my life – mark my words. 

All angst aside I have been keeping busy and will be moving again soon. As of November second I’m now 23 and if you know anything about me I’ve been listening to “What’s My Age Again?” pretty much on repeat since (I hope more than half of you get that reference). Travel posts will be coming soon as well as some more Colorado exploration. This post is now well past my limit so I bid you adieu.

Also…here’s a friendly reminder to do that resolution that you totally forgot about…I’m right there with ya.



Return to the (Hockey) Rink


As someone who has lived in multiple states and areas it was always hard to get to a “home game” where I was actually rooting for the home team. However, this past Thursday I was lucky enough to get to the Pepsi Center to watch the New York Rangers and the home team, the Colorado Avalanche.

Unfortunately the Avalanche didn’t pull through with the win, but I was yet again reminded by how much I love the sport hockey. As an individual from Chicago my heart will always lie with the Blackhawks, but let’s be honest – a hockey game is great any day of the week. From the shouting, cheers, checks, and heated discussions to the food and music it’s hard not to have a good time.

My advice? Do some research and check out if you have a hockey team near where you live and check out a game if you can. I was around the ice a lot when I was little so returning to a rink of any kind is always a good time.

Hit the ice.


It’s All In The Prep

It’s that time of year again. Family members are coming over, groceries are being bought in (extreme) bulk, and the air is getting a little more crisp. As far as Colorado is concerned it’s been winter for awhile now and the snow is on and off. It seems that during the times of the holidays that things get a little more cozy, but tense at the same time.

In cases where your family is hosting the grand dinner of Thanksgiving I think we can all agree that we’ve either been to a dinner or had our own where you contemplate ripping your hair out. My advice? Prep. And prep again. Then prep the prep of the prep. Ok in all seriousness if you’re going to tackle the whole sh-bang take it in strides and make sure to really plan things out. Prep your food, prep your home, but prep yourself. Have I said “prep” enough?

Take some breaths and enjoy the time that you have. Buckle down for some embarrassing stories but good times. Also, prep for that drunken family member that might say too much – just in case.

In any matter take it easy and don’t be so hard on yourself. Really take the time you have off OFF. Kick your feet up and watch reruns of Friends for Pete’s sake! The Thanksgiving episode is arguably the best.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!


Comfy, Cozy, and Stylish

It’s that time of year again. When things start to get cold at random hours and us fashionistas are caught at a crossroads of sorts. Here’s the dilemma – combining together articles of clothing so that you’re comfortable and still staying warm while at the same time not looking like a slob.

In all honesty I know I have those days where I don’t care about the last item on the list. And frankly, some days I don’t care about staying warm because the Colorado sun has a way of making you sweat at all times of the year. However, there are times that I pull it all together and voila all three are in harmony.

If you live in other places I want to hear about your outfit troubles. I know some people from California, for example, try to layer up during the fall but it’s just too hot for them. There are definitely times where your “want” to wear an outfit doesn’t outweigh the “need” to be practical in some sense. I say bring on the cold and huge coats with scarves! This in between nonsense is driving me a little mad.


Although…I guess we’re all mad here 😉


How Tea Saved My Life This Week


Alright I’m gonna chill on the drama still rolling from the title of this post to tell you how it really is.

We’ve all been there – you see a food item that’s a little past the date but it looks fine, smells fine, cooks fine. In some cases it even tastes fine and you can usually get away without even a stomach ache. Well, this week I was mistaken by some brussels sprouts. Let me explain just a bit that I am a verryyyy very frugal individual. I mean some of the things I do I won’t even utter to my friends. Regardless these babies hit me with some food poisoning the night before a big speech and midterm. I needed some kind of miracle.

The next morning, after phoning my Ma about a million times, I got on the hot tea train and haven’t looked back since. I’m usually a big advocate for caffeine in all forms and I do love my tea. However, coffee and I are on weird terms and tea came through with the clutch.

Green tea has been my go-to for years and it’s jasmine variations are really wonderful. Today though, I met up with good ol’ earl grey. So, I invite you to drink tea when you can and embrace it when you need help. You never know when your little cuppa could save your life 😉



PS. A dear dear friend of mine gave me this mug (she obviously knows me well) so I love you Nina and I think of you always when curling up with this bad boy. Thanks a million!

Innocent Addiction or Poison?


Behold the infamous PSL! For those of you who perhaps live under a rock or don’t give a hoot about Starbucks and their empire that stands for Pumpkin Spice Latte. Now I have never really been into the whole pumpkin craze that everyone seems to be obsessing with during fall. Sure, fall is beautiful and my second favorite season but why does everything have this pumpkin flavor or smell?? I digress….

What I really want to discuss is this debate on if this drink is in fact poison as some people are claiming it to be. I’ve had a couple articles sent to me about the cancer-giving additives and harmful chemicals so I’m a little upset that something that I just got into may be the end of me as I know it. Ok the drama in this post is on another level but I’m still curious. What do you guys think? Innocent addition or is the PSL a new poison hiding in wonderful whip cream and nutmeg?

(Yes, this picture was taken weeks before I questioned the integrity of the beloved latte. And yes, I had a reward so I got the largest size – sue me).

Let me know what you guys think and I hope you have a lovely fall filled with pumpkin themed shenanigans!


Sneaky Sneaky

Ah what a lovely fall day I am having as I sit here drinking my fabulous Starbucks chai. With it’s iconic green mermaid and clean white cup it’s hard to miss. It’s warm and delicious, but also looks good on my desk. We can spot certain products and icons from miles away, but have we gone overboard with product placement lately?

I was being a little sarcastic (if you couldn’t already tell) but in most cases with today’s media platforms they are sneaking in products left and right. Whether it’s a billboard in a video game or a drink in your favorite sitcom – its inevitable. There are the obvious label glaring moves that companies make and then the product placements that are more subtle. Apple is probably the biggest contender when it comes to having their products thrown about. It’s actually one I don’t mind though. What I do mind are the obnoxious, unnatural, annoying ads that don’t mesh well.

So what do you all think? Have the product placement moves become a little too sneaky or are they still too much to handle? Subconsciously we probably absorb more than we think we do. See a commercial about fries and pizza…later crave fries and pizza. I cannot be alone here! Let me know what you guys think and keep your eyes peeled this week. You may be surprised at all the products are sponsoring your favorite shows, movies, or video games.


Getting Back to the Swing of Things

Wow I really can’t believe that senior year is here (*said every senior in the history of time).

Besides all the cliche stuff that has been going on around here, like everyone asking what the heck I’m going to do with my life now, I have gotten some time to take care of some things that I had previously put on the shelf. For starters, as some of you may know I do run a channel on YouTube and recently posted my latest adventure that was in the editing stages for ages. Feel free to go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvnneL7agic     and you will see what I’m talking about. Usually I post up events or travel that I get involved with to kind of share my opinion on it or let others experience it as well if they cannot. I will be posting on a more regular and timely fashion now which will be pretty awesome. Enough of YouTube talk.

Coming back from a weekend away I have to say that getting back into the swing of things is great. It’s comfortable. It’s routine. It’s…boring. So here’s to the fact that having structure is nice, but knowing that it won’t stay around for long and accepting it all the same.

Hope you’re all well and getting excited for fall.