A Personal Update

Let me start off by saying that if you are not interested in my personal life or my random ramblings, please, just keep scrolling. I just wanted to take a few moments to touch base with those of you who are invested in case you were wondering where the heck I’ve been. 

Well I’m still here and let me tell you it feels good to be back on this page doing some writing instead of some other jobs I’ve been getting myself into. Since we last spoke I had a pretty major surgery and dealt with some family things. Some things were sad and others were just necessary familial drama – we’ve all been there right?

Worry not, although my recovery was long and painful I’m fine now. However, I don’t find it appropriate at this time to share all of those details on the world wide web so lets just keep it simple shall we? I’m still breathing.

Onto some other exciting news – my brother is getting married! Legitamately a year from today! What else is exciting about this you may ask? Well hold onto your socks because his fiance (Debra) asked me to be a bridesmaid!! ME! We shed a few tears and I honestly couldn’t be happier for them. I can’t wait to party with them a year from now and laugh until my sides hurt. 

Halloween was pretty awesome this year and I spent it in Fort Collins with my brother and Debra at a house party. But Courtney aren’t you a little old to be at house parties now? Shut your face I’ll be going to house parties for the rest of my life – mark my words. 

All angst aside I have been keeping busy and will be moving again soon. As of November second I’m now 23 and if you know anything about me I’ve been listening to “What’s My Age Again?” pretty much on repeat since (I hope more than half of you get that reference). Travel posts will be coming soon as well as some more Colorado exploration. This post is now well past my limit so I bid you adieu.

Also…here’s a friendly reminder to do that resolution that you totally forgot about…I’m right there with ya.




This is Not an Excuse

…it’s merely an explanation.

For the past few months I have been a little MIA. For those of you who noticed, thank you for sensing my absence and if you have no clue what I’m talking about then read on? Whatever your position is with my website I need to clear the air.

There have been a lot of deaths in my family recently. From very close relatives to life long pets I have not felt this kind of pain all at once in a very long time. I have tried to write up a post about my travels, my videos, and the last of my studies, but quite frankly I have not been able to look over my losses. I know I know, think positive and try to keep your head up. I have. Believe me. My close friends and family understand that this is a situation unthinkable and the amount of death is starting to, in all honesty, scare me.

I’ve tried laughing it all off because it seems unreal to me but here I am. I’ve lost things in my life that I thought I had forever with and although I tried to roll with every punch it’s become too much. I can no longer sit back and not write because we have another family member call us with bad news.

I’m not asking for pity nor am I asking for understanding, really. In fact, this may be too personal to post but what the hell. We’re all human and sometimes when it rains it freaking tsunamis for eight months straight. Unfortunately, life can be very fragile and out of our control.

Thank you for sticking with me.


A Burst of Emotion


This is a shot of my mother and my best friend Ahndia this weekend out in the woods. Coffee and discussions of the future – who could want anything more? I had one of the biggest surprises this weekend and Ahndia popped out of the back of my mothers car before I had a minute to think about a thing. Fresh air was a must.

I absolutely love surprises. So much to the point where you could argue that I’m a little obsessive about it. Not only do I love planning them, but the fact that events like this can happen to me that make my heart burst simply makes me melt. It’s a little ridiculous, but I don’t care. I hadn’t seen this woman in over a year and a half. Which, as I know life gets more complicated doesn’t seem like that much, but with her it’s a lifetime.

We spent so much time talking and taking mini adventures that I feel like it was a daydream without any actual sleep. Here’s to the moments where all the emotions are at the surface, where you don’t have to hide certain thoughts, and company that makes you feel at home wherever you go.

Ahndia, I love you. To our families – thanks for coordinating this so elegantly.



The Olympics Had Me Like…

Alright as much as the title may poke fun at the phrases that vine may have made famous, I am serious when I say that the Olympics make me both emotional and motivated. I have been an athlete of many forms. When I say many forms I mean I was once a figure skater and most recently I am a National Champion for college volleyball.  It’s safe to say I get a little nostalgic every once in awhile. Figure skating especially brings back old memories during this time of year. Besides all the personal ties has anyone else noticed that the commercials make you choke up a little? That the winners bring out glossy eyes when they hug their families? What a beautiful event.

Now that I’ve rambled on about myself I want to hear what you guys think. Do you love it or hate it? Watch it or avoid it? The Olympics motivate me to get back to my athletic blood in the highest sense. Something about putting them on in the gym just makes me run a little further and pedal a lot harder.

More to come and sending light and love!


Back to “The Grind”

Alright this post is basically a personal note, but as I said before I want to keep up with my blogging-even if it’s not groundbreaking ideas or thoughts. Anyhow I’m back at school now and college never seems to dull. I’m always excited to get back into new classes, meet new people, and explore new grounds. I have a good feeling about this semester and honestly I’m letting go of a lot of things that don’t matter. Relationships that no longer build me up, negative thoughts to drag me down, and worries that will never even become a reality are moving into the past. Sometimes I think you just have to make a clean cut decision and get back to the grind.

Classes. Social events. School outings. You’ll be seeing more of this coming up. Hope you guys are still keeping up with resolutions and I’ll be on here again soon!



Half Full

So here we are! I just finished my last final of the semester and I can’t lie, I’m feelin’ pretty good. I like to stay positive throughout the whole finals experience and I think it’s given me an edge. I’m less the type to be fretting and crying about grades but more the type to calm down, focus, relax with some friends, and soak up all the knowledge I can while doing my best no matter what. If you stress yourself out it just makes things a million times worse. I know this for a fact. Before this year really I was usually that person with dark circles as a BFF during finals week and hair that resembled a birds nest. I remember I would calculate my GPA and constantly worry that my parents and brother would no longer consider me a Lauber if I failed. Turns out, that was the worse thing to do.
I’ve always gotten good grades because I worked HARD. I played volleyball all my life-through high school and even a lot in college- so slacking was not in option in my blood. I think it’s when I started to realize there was more to life that my stress over grades escaped me. The grades would come because I did my best. All the time. Period. I also used a bit of The Secret and always talked myself up. No more, “I’m gonna fail!” or “This test is going to kill me!”…that was doing no good whatsoever.
Anyway I wanted to type a little something up out there for those of you who struggle. Maybe it’s the anxiety that gets you, or the overbooked library and students sleeping on couches outside classrooms. Whatever it may be, just let it go. Let it roll of your shoulders and be responsible for you.
In other news, I’m going to Mexico with my family and I’m pretty stoked. I’ll try to post up things as I go- I wana get more activity on this baby!…Ok maybe a little too excited for Mexico but oh well. To travel is to learn remember?

Stay positive my friends.




Usually I’m not a fan of the “selfies”, but I have come to the conclusion that I am throwing all caution to the wind here. With sleep loss at it’s finest I have been up for the past few weeks writing term papers and finishing up some critiques. I think my nerd status makes up for this shamless selfie…write? 😉

Well…this is awkward.

Alright totally kidding about the awkward part, I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

So basically I haven’t posted on here in a very long time and I have to say that my tune has changed, or rather I want to sing a completely different genre. I have officially moved out to Colorado and life is moving very fast! From transferring my class credits to turning 21 it’s been a lot to handle. I guess the main point of this post is to declare that I will be posting more personal daily life stuff up amongst my deep thoughts and burning questions for society. I find that I love sharing pictures and expressing myself and sometimes Instagram and Twitter just doesn’t cut it. So I’m reaching out in hopes that I will entertain and possibly inspire more people on here.

I will say that sometimes I think I’m rather hilarious so laugh along if you like…or not. Admitting that I have no idea with what I’m doing is the first step and here I go! Cheers to new adventures and may you all find some peace today 🙂