Sneaky Sneaky

Ah what a lovely fall day I am having as I sit here drinking my fabulous Starbucks chai. With it’s iconic green mermaid and clean white cup it’s hard to miss. It’s warm and delicious, but also looks good on my desk. We can spot certain products and icons from miles away, but have we gone overboard with product placement lately?

I was being a little sarcastic (if you couldn’t already tell) but in most cases with today’s media platforms they are sneaking in products left and right. Whether it’s a billboard in a video game or a drink in your favorite sitcom – its inevitable. There are the obvious label glaring moves that companies make and then the product placements that are more subtle. Apple is probably the biggest contender when it comes to having their products thrown about. It’s actually one I don’t mind though. What I do mind are the obnoxious, unnatural, annoying ads that don’t mesh well.

So what do you all think? Have the product placement moves become a little too sneaky or are they still too much to handle? Subconsciously we probably absorb more than we think we do. See a commercial about fries and pizza…later crave fries and pizza. I cannot be alone here! Let me know what you guys think and keep your eyes peeled this week. You may be surprised at all the products are sponsoring your favorite shows, movies, or video games.


5 thoughts on “Sneaky Sneaky

  1. sharanaway says:

    my prof mentioned this in one of my classes: the average consumer today is faced with more advertisements in a year than someone 50 years ago faced in their lifetime, so product placement is something we definitely can’t run away from…. ever

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