Back to “The Grind”

Alright this post is basically a personal note, but as I said before I want to keep up with my blogging-even if it’s not groundbreaking ideas or thoughts. Anyhow I’m back at school now and college never seems to dull. I’m always excited to get back into new classes, meet new people, and explore new grounds. I have a good feeling about this semester and honestly I’m letting go of a lot of things that don’t matter. Relationships that no longer build me up, negative thoughts to drag me down, and worries that will never even become a reality are moving into the past. Sometimes I think you just have to make a clean cut decision and get back to the grind.

Classes. Social events. School outings. You’ll be seeing more of this coming up. Hope you guys are still keeping up with resolutions and I’ll be on here again soon!




Such Sweet Sorrow

Today as I was walking back from a local market my spirits dropped a little. It was my last day here with my family and I was realizing how fast our time together went. I’m not talking about your average woe is me story about how vaca wasn’t long enough, but the sadness to leave our memories and daily routines here behind. The people I have met and the laughs I have shared are priceless to me so I can’t help but feel a surge of emotion. It’s such sweet sorrow-no?
I have been lucky enough to travel and fortunate to have moved as much as I have with my age. I try to look at it in a positive light but there is the departure part that gets me every time. That part that maybe I won’t miss the little shops and trinkets but the hospitality and local smiles from those that I may not see again. In saying this, I like to believe that a lot of my “goodbyes” are just simply, “see you later”-s…if you will. The sunset was beautiful tonight and I won’t lie I took it as a sign from Mother Nature or perhaps the ocean gods that they wished us farewell for now. I met up with a few that I had been seeing throughout my time here and even got a free drink from my favorite staff member Roberto (the same drink he gave me many times the night before). The New Year has everyone all a buzz here and I have never been so excited about a clean slate in my life. So here’s to the memories made, friends formed, and another spot on the map.