Lets Talk About Your Body

More specifically- your body wash. I have been known to talk about body wash before, whether it was on my channel or in random social media posts. I don’t think it’s something that too many people think about – or at least it was never really something I thought about before either. Growing up I always used whatever was easiest to access or whatever I kindly took from hotels. However, over the past few years my skin is not too fond of the same stuff that once didn’t make a difference. Let me be clear though, I never knew what a good body wash could do for your skin. Here, I have two awesome products that have recently rocked my world.

Currently, I am using the Papaya Mango in the shower and saving the Mulberry Vanilla for the winter (it’s sweeter and has a warmer smell, hence saving it for holiday time). As some of you may know Colorado is sunny as heck still and it feels much like summer so the Mango is a great additive to my senses. What have I noticed you ask? Let me fill you in.

It’s been probably a week that I’ve been using Korres’ shower gel for the first time and I have seen a HUGE difference. I no longer get irritation on my upper arms (seriously, what IS that?), my skin isn’t itchy AT ALL, and I honestly can go without any lotion after my shower and still feel like my skin is moisturized. I love Korres as a brand and think they make phenomenal skin care – little did I know their bath items could be so great.

Another great perk for all you beauty people that are nerdy too – they include the percentage of natural content and all the things that are included as well as all the chemicals and pesky things that are not. (Papaya Mango is 90.2% natural content and they change between formulas). No synthetic dyes, no PEGs, no mineral oil, no parabens, no silicones, no petroletum, no animal by-product or testing, etc. etc. etc. Oh, and also suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people with wheat and nut issues. I’m a happy camper.

All in all I know that everyone has different skin/skin concerns but I highly recommend these products. They smell amazing and the scent lingers without being overpowering. Another benefit you say? When they’re sold in bulk or on sale they are super reasonable. I got mine for $10 each in this specific order. Normally, as listed on their site, they can be around $20. A little word to the wise; you’re getting what you pay for.

Hope this helps and you all can indulge in these amazing products!



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