How Tea Saved My Life This Week


Alright I’m gonna chill on the drama still rolling from the title of this post to tell you how it really is.

We’ve all been there – you see a food item that’s a little past the date but it looks fine, smells fine, cooks fine. In some cases it even tastes fine and you can usually get away without even a stomach ache. Well, this week I was mistaken by some brussels sprouts. Let me explain just a bit that I am a verryyyy very frugal individual. I mean some of the things I do I won’t even utter to my friends. Regardless these babies hit me with some food poisoning the night before a big speech and midterm. I needed some kind of miracle.

The next morning, after phoning my Ma about a million times, I got on the hot tea train and haven’t looked back since. I’m usually a big advocate for caffeine in all forms and I do love my tea. However, coffee and I are on weird terms and tea came through with the clutch.

Green tea has been my go-to for years and it’s jasmine variations are really wonderful. Today though, I met up with good ol’ earl grey. So, I invite you to drink tea when you can and embrace it when you need help. You never know when your little cuppa could save your life 😉



PS. A dear dear friend of mine gave me this mug (she obviously knows me well) so I love you Nina and I think of you always when curling up with this bad boy. Thanks a million!

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