Innocent Addiction or Poison?


Behold the infamous PSL! For those of you who perhaps live under a rock or don’t give a hoot about Starbucks and their empire that stands for Pumpkin Spice Latte. Now I have never really been into the whole pumpkin craze that everyone seems to be obsessing with during fall. Sure, fall is beautiful and my second favorite season but why does everything have this pumpkin flavor or smell?? I digress….

What I really want to discuss is this debate on if this drink is in fact poison as some people are claiming it to be. I’ve had a couple articles sent to me about the cancer-giving additives and harmful chemicals so I’m a little upset that something that I just got into may be the end of me as I know it. Ok the drama in this post is on another level but I’m still curious. What do you guys think? Innocent addition or is the PSL a new poison hiding in wonderful whip cream and nutmeg?

(Yes, this picture was taken weeks before I questioned the integrity of the beloved latte. And yes, I had a reward so I got the largest size – sue me).

Let me know what you guys think and I hope you have a lovely fall filled with pumpkin themed shenanigans!


3 thoughts on “Innocent Addiction or Poison?

  1. auroraroschen says:

    I might be kind of obsessed with fall flavors, the PSL in particular being one of my holiday weaknesses! I’ve had a lot of friends make this “toxins” comment to me about the PSL, and I think it has a lot to do with the whole clean/green/organic/crunchy kick that is going on right now.

    Do I think eating raw veggies and lean meats is better for me than drinking a PSL? Yes. Do I think that I am going to die ten years earlier if I drink a few PSLs this holiday season? No.

    Life is short. Moderation in all things!

    • Courtney Shea says:

      This is perfect way to put it! I mean if you go and drink 200 of them and nothing else I’m sure you’ll run into some troubles haha. But death after a few? That’s a little much. Thanks for your thoughts!

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