Observe vs. Record


This spring break I took a trip to the east side of the country and I can say that I genuinely have been missing it since I’d seen it last. New York was my final destination and I had seen it long ago through the eyes of a fifth grader. I remember (most) everything about that trip and was ecstatic to get the chance to see it again. How wondrous is it that you can fall in love with a place and think that someday you will see it again? Like a lost puppy returning to a buzzing home of lights and sound I could barely contain myself.

I had made a mental note to myself that going into this trip I would keep everything updated; social medias, my friends, my family, my fellow bloggers and youtubers altogether. However, as it sometimes turns out I did not keep up with all of my activities and devices at the same time. This is not to say that I wasn’t savvy enough or driven enough to do so, but the fact of the matter was that I wanted to observe, record, and then later update everyone. I knew it from the first night of exhaustion. My mother came with me and this was a time to really soak up the experiences we had planned along with the culture of New York as a whole.

One can imagine where I am going with this post and yes – essentially these next few writings will be about my time in New York but have no fear! I took many photographs, notes, and videos to make sure I kept it all straight. This city is not one to waste a single moment on and while I was walking over ten miles a day to see everything I wanted (and to save change on cab rides) it was a trip I’ll never forget..but aren’t they all??

I hope you all enjoy these experiences and share some of your own ideas/thoughts if you so choose. I realize some of the things I did were cliche but let’s be straight with each other – there are just certain things that need to be done and seeing Balto in Central Park was on the top of my list.

I love NY.



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