The “Real” Day One

As anyone who travels probably knows there is a fine line between your travel days and the time you spend at your destination. A fine line meaning it’s not really that “fine” at all and travel days can completely throw off your mojo…and no not like Austin Powers.

In any case, I think it’s important to really take care of yourself while you take that first day (or days) to get to wherever you may be going. Long flights can take a toll on your hygiene, attitude, and overall gusto if you’re not careful. Having plenty of water is essential (and a pretty good life tip in general) but also washing your hands and face can help. Doing some kind of skincare is also a favorite among many, although face wipes alone usually do the trick for me.

Walking around, stretching, eating healthy snacks and not going overboard on the flight beverages can also help. What if you’re in a car you ask? Same rules apply. Junk food from gas stations and not getting some fresh air can put a damper on your trip and your guests’ moods as well. Doing things “down and dirty” can be fun if you don’t have the supplies with you and want to cool off in a river (I imagine this occurring over a road trip out west) but for those of you who are a bit more dainty there are ways to make it more “glam” – aka stopping at a nice hotel for one night, fine dining, shopping, etc.

What are your thoughts on the original “Day One”? How do you get through the travel? Personally I both adore and avoid it and lately Afrin is the only thing that helps the pain in my ears from flying.

We all love reaching our favorite/new locations so don’t forget to start off on the right foot!


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