De-Clutter Yo’Self!

Jokes and strange post titles aside there is a serious trend going on. People are actually talking about the de-cluttering that they are doing in their lives. Whether it’s in a Youtube video, a blog post, an Instagram shot, or a Twitter shoutout you can bet it’s out there. This trend is something I’m into. Very, very into.

It has been said that anxiety and stress lie in the piles around your house. In the useless things that really have no meaning other than a memory you’re holding onto there’s clouded mental health. Just hearing this and even writing it down, quite frankly, makes me uncomfortable. But here’s the deal – before I became aware of this trend I was doing some cleaning myself and man it felt good to chuck stuff into the trash, recycling, and Goodwill pile.

Think about it. You keep some article of clothing (that you no longer wear or fit into) or some random bit of, for lack of better term, trash – all because they hold some weird tie to your life or memories. These things aren’t functional and believe me you can go on without them. I have some tips if you feel like you can’t let go…

Take a picture. Literally grab the thing that you’re so desperately holding onto and take a picture of it. Take a few pictures if you want! They all can stay safe and sound on your memory card (pun intended). Next idea? Write it down. If you have something simply for the event or memory etc. that it’s tied to then get yourself a journal. If it’s really that important to you to remember then jot it down. Keeping organized without keeping so many “things” will lift a lot of weight off your shoulders.

As someone who finds it very hard to let go of things (sentimental or not) these changes have made a huge impact in my life. A book that has everyone buzzing is “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. It’s a weird feeling of freedom from the things you no longer have to physically have with you.

After all, a nightmare of mine is being on the show Hoarders.



9 thoughts on “De-Clutter Yo’Self!

  1. paulapederson says:

    Good points! we have a cluttered camp. My son has been here helping me get rid of things. “Mom, you don’t have to keep this stuff we made in middle and high school. we’re 45 now.”

    • Courtney Shea says:

      Haha oh I think a lot of parents have been there. I know my mother keeps a lot of things and sometimes I really appreciate it! It all depends on what is being kept around the house I suppose. Hope your de-cluttering process helps!

  2. pfingstrose says:

    De- cluttering definitely sets free energies! I had a moment a few weeks ago where I looked up on my walls (there’s always a big clutter of paintings, pinboards, whatever on my walls) and I felt like all that stuff was weighing me down.
    So I took down all of it and then started sorting out some stuff. I feel much lighter now.

    My de-cluttering inspirational book is “Feng Shui gegen das Gerümpel des Alltags” by Karen Kingston.

    PS.: Thanks for your comment!

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