Do Not Be Ashamed

There are lots of things in this world that people are ashamed about. Things that range from serious matters to petty things that (really) don’t matter – or shouldn’t at least. I’m here to give some advice on not being ashamed about a certain aspects of life, and I’m not talking about the boy band CD in your car.

Simply put; do not be ashamed of not wanting what other people want. Now this might seem a little confusing at first, but bear with me. Think about things like certain lifestyles, jobs and career paths, and even vacation spots. Have you ever seen a trend that you were confused about, a job that seemed utterly impossible to sit through, or perhaps a frequent abundance of photos from a place you really have no desire to visit? Well that happens and it’s OKAY.

Not wanting what everyone else strives for in every aspect of life is what keeps this little planet of ours diverse. Recently, with all my newly graduated friends and family I can see this stress sinking in more and more. People feel left out for not partaking in the traditional internship or sporting the latest fashion. It’s upsetting to see people feel so out of place when really they needn’t feel left out at all.

I’m not saying that we cannot all enjoy certain sports together or family vacations to a tropical location, because those can sometimes be the things that bring us closer together. However, if you’re someone who feels shunned or hurt from not loving what’s “hot right now” or doing things the “traditional way” have no fear. You are not alone. Perhaps you’re just more quiet than others…

Now get that CD out from under the seat and turn up the volume!



11 thoughts on “Do Not Be Ashamed

  1. AK15 says:

    I totally get this! It is only once I felt comfortable with being me (around 35) that I didn’t feel like “Why do I have such a different outlook from even my closest family?”. Now I respect their choices and simply think to myself, “Not for me.” 🙂

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