Local (Travel)

You’ve heard it once and you’ve heard it again – stay local, buy local, keep it local, local local. Sometimes, you think it’s a little loco.

Here’s the deal, lots of people don’t like where they are in life. Don’t agree? Consider yourself and your friends lucky. Throughout the years people start to question what they really want. Before I get into something that’s a little too existential for this post let me get to the actual point I want to make in this write up. Local can be a word that’s a bit overkill, but I would like to politely remind you that traveling local can be pretty neat – much like nature.

I spent the last two weeks or so taking friends out and showing them around some local Colorado spots. I realize every day when I step outside how lucky I am to live here, but taking friends around make me a beaming bright proud Coloradan (that is what we’re called, right?). What’s interesting to me was not my newfound obsession with my surroundings, but my fascination with finding areas that were unique throughout the entirety of my life thus far.

When I had friends in Iowa who would visit me in Indiana, or friends who visited when I lived in Ohio or near Chicago – it was all the same. I would get all giddy about showing off hidden treasures and local spots I had held near and dear to my heart. Foodie spots, parks and trails, lakes and water features of sorts, and even local areas that were considered haunted. So, with all this out in the open, I invite you to find the local travel spots that YOU like best. Maybe they’re not the ones that appear on the Travel Channel or where headlining bands come to play, but that doesn’t mean they cannot bring immense joy.

We’re all part of this great world, and every bit of it is worth exploring. I hope you find bliss, and if it’s not that intense maybe a good spot for a mini photoshoot on your phone just for the memories.

Cheers if you got my nature reference above, by the way.

Keep trailblazing,


9 thoughts on “Local (Travel)

  1. Suyash Chopra says:

    Wow…great post. My wife and I want to visit Colorado next year summer for the first year. We have been very fascinated seeing its photographs and landscape that she keeps saying now that after a couple of years, we should work and settle in Colorado. Hopefully when we visit Colorado, you will be able to give us some tips and recommendations and may be show us some places šŸ™‚ Thanks Courtney

    • Courtney Shea says:

      Thank you Suyash! I definitely recommend a visit to Colorado and no photos seem to do it justice! However, moving here wouldn’t be a bad option either šŸ˜‰ I hope I can! I write a lot on the state here so stay tuned if you’re able to. Thank you for your response!!

      • Suyash Chopra says:

        Thanks a lot Courtney for your response. Life can always throw up surprises, so we never know. Who knows we may move to this place. Look forward to more of your posts for inspiration šŸ™‚

      • Courtney Shea says:

        Anytime! Thank you for your support here, I will most definitely be covering more of Colorado. Life can be surprising indeed – it’s quite surprising how I ended up here myself! šŸ™‚ I hope you can call the mountains “home” some day

      • Suyash Chopra says:

        Mountains are so amazing gifts of nature. I have not been to lot of them but I wish to now that I am in USA. Hiking few mountains and taking beautiful photos of snow covered mountains or their reflection in the surrounding lakes. And better place to do it than Colorado. šŸ™‚

  2. paulapederson says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’ve just signed up for yours because I enjoy your fresh outlook. you are young and I am old. Some things I’ve finally learned are to enjoy the moment, be thankful for what you have, and reinvent yourself when necessary. Friends, family, and pets and dying right and left, immerse yourself in nature, everywhere, (just had a magical trip to Colorado,) and keep trying.

    I’ll probably publish a memoir next year at 82. My motto is, ‘It’s never too late.!”

    • Courtney Shea says:

      You’re welcome! I’m glad you subscribed and I hope you enjoy my writings to come. You have some very good points here and I too think that reinventing yourself can never happen too late or too often. Congrats on your memoir and thanks again for the comment!

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