Finding a Quiet Place


Traveling can get overwhelming for some – and usually I fall into that category on occasions when trips get pretty hectic. Whether you’re going for business or pleasure there is one thing that I hope everyone gets time for and that’s finding moments for yourself.

In the Bahamas I kept my schedule pretty flexible but packed in as much as I could regardless. It was only for a few days and there were things that I really wanted to get done. However, one night while I was attending an island party out on the Blue Lagoon I was feeling a little smothered by all of the events. That’s when I wondered off to find this beauty of a beach.

It was a small area and it was actually closed due to the hide tide and rough waves that were going to come in. Yes, I managed to sneak a few touches of water but I kept (mostly) dry knowing I had to return to the main island later. Others ended up coming around to light some lanterns off in the ocean. Suddenly, I found myself in the company of those making wishes and the sounds of the waves. Everything slowed down. No longer was I lost in the hectic energy, but rather finding a new kind of calm in the company of strangers and the water.

I hope you all find peace. If not today, sometime this week.


6 thoughts on “Finding a Quiet Place

  1. kookaburra16 says:

    The pictures capture your sentiment as you shared in the post.Very serene spot.Canceling the surrounding stimuli and moving into a quiet place can be very relaxing indeed.

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