Insider Info – Atlantis Poolside Edition

Something every traveler knows, or at least is aware of, is that there are numerous hints and tips that select locations keep to themselves. Perhaps no destination will admit these and only utter certain facts to “rewards members” but nonetheless there always seems to be more than what the generic guidebooks offer.

If you’re nodding along but also thinking “Obviously, Courtney” well I don’t blame you. What’s the best way to get this information though? I have found that today just simply talking to a local near the pool gave me some insider information.

This local, who happened to work on the resort grounds as well, told me all kinds of bits including how they set up the pool in the morning. What was most entertaining were the stories of people who actually came down hours before the pool even opened just to fight with others about chairs, seating, etc. Some people pick the strangest battles.

Other information included when the lines of the slides are down and how to skip other unnecessary steps (like showing your room card at certain areas) were helpful. Granted, I didn’t seek out this information in other ways but it was still nice to gather it from someone who knew what they were talking about.

So here’s to finding out information through one of the best mediums – communication.


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