Brothel Turned Cofffee Shop






Down in Evergreen, Colorado there is one thing that locals and coffee snobs can agree upon – The Muddy Buck has a good cup of joe. However, there may be some information that individuals do not know about pertaining to this comfy coffee shop on the strip. From changes in ownership to being an older hotel slash brothel, The Muddy Buck has quite the history.

Personally, this is a place I like to go while in Evergreen whether I’m just passing through or staying for a few weeks. Their chai and gluten free options are some choices on the top of my list to get, but talk to any coffee lover and they’re sure to praise their signature in-house coffee. With multiple options from a kitchen that’s open until three pm and a multitude of latte flavor combinations, I have no doubt that this is a place that can please most. Sitting right next to the infamous Little Bear bar also helps drive a good amount of traffic.

I got the chance to catch the owner Diane today for a word about her experience with the place. She has owned it since 2012 but was not short on information and fun facts about the place. From 1859 to 1940 it was the Evergreen hotel. In the older times it was even rumored to be more like a brothel, given its location and residents who stayed in the hotel. Downstairs was more of a meet and greet area with a large fireplace. Over the years there have been unfortunate fires that have taken some of the building down but the front door, back areas, and thick beams are all still original. Today, everything else that you see is reclaimed from all over the state of Colorado.

Tonight they will hold the third annual “Evergreen’s Got Talent,” which is similar to an open mic for whoever signs up earlier for the event. They’ve been known to have live music on a regular basis and other various events in conjunction with other happenings in the town. It’s worth a stop by or a long sit in. If you have the time, I recommend even spending an evening there if you can.

Happy sipping!


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