Return to the (Hockey) Rink


As someone who has lived in multiple states and areas it was always hard to get to a “home game” where I was actually rooting for the home team. However, this past Thursday I was lucky enough to get to the Pepsi Center to watch the New York Rangers and the home team, the Colorado Avalanche.

Unfortunately the Avalanche didn’t pull through with the win, but I was yet again reminded by how much I love the sport hockey. As an individual from Chicago my heart will always lie with the Blackhawks, but let’s be honest – a hockey game is great any day of the week. From the shouting, cheers, checks, and heated discussions to the food and music it’s hard not to have a good time.

My advice? Do some research and check out if you have a hockey team near where you live and check out a game if you can. I was around the ice a lot when I was little so returning to a rink of any kind is always a good time.

Hit the ice.


4 thoughts on “Return to the (Hockey) Rink

  1. briannafee says:

    Yay so nice to see another blogger giving hockey some love. Being Canadian it’s in my blood I guess, but it feels like every evening I end my day with a hockey game 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    Great post. Hockey’s always been my favorite sport and I’m glad to hear the Avs lost ;). I’m a Detroit fan and if they’re not playing, I’m glad to see the original six team win.

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