Mystery in the Mountains


Tucked in the Rocky Mountains just north of the center of Colorado lies a flurry of beautiful mountain towns. From celebrations, festivals, and holidays, to even getaways for the weekend, there seems to be something to do no matter what time of the year. However, in one mountain town the community has a secret. In a world-famous spa there lies a haunting.

Due to my respect for the area, owner, and customers I unfortunately cannot share the exact name on this piece. However, I sat down with a woman who has a great deal of experience at this location one afternoon to see what all the fuss was about. Her name was Rose and she was more than happy to meet me after I had attended the spa several times that she had worked at. It’s a fairly new location for being in an older town but Rose has been working at the spa for three years. She knew I was open to all kinds of discussion topics so she explained to me that this is not the only place she had had spiritual experiences with, but this one was special. She ordered some baklava and a drink and I began to ask my questions.

I contacted this lovely lady because I received news that she had discussed this “haunting” with some mutual friends of mine – immediately I knew I wanted to speak with her but I had no idea I’d be so lucky to gain all the knowledge she gave me that Saturday. These encounters that she was having at the spa were friendly and even helpful at times. The spirit even found ways to move things, help the staff, and let them know what his name was – Clyde. Rose explained to me that the entire staff knew about him and had either seen him themselves or had an experience of their own. There was no shortage of stories to be heard from the concerned and confused customers and the staff members who had seen things moved in the laundry room. I could hardly believe the things she was telling me until she validated them with others, locations in the spa that I had known, and details that could only be explained as…well…magical.

There were other encounters at this spa that were not so pleasant; words being uttered about lost girls, lingering figures by doors that weren’t allowed in, and voices that seemed more threatening than helpful. I began to worry about what I was getting into with Rose, but she explained again that throughout her research and the work of many others, no one could find any evidence of bad blood or happenings on the land that the spa was built on. Clyde was very protective and comforted the staff members there. They could describe his attire as well; a tall very large man, with dark hair that looked a bit of a mess, and he wore a cowboy’s duster with large boots. It was always the same and there was no question that he was there on good terms.

When I asked Rose where other spirits were she simply stated, “All over – they’re everywhere,” and continued to casually enjoy her beverage. A few hours had gone by and I was leaning even closer in my chair at all the stories she shared. We were sitting there, in the middle of a coffee shop, and she casually laughed, “As long as you accept it you can hear all kinds of crap.” I enjoyed Rose’s honesty and her ability to be so open with me. It was refreshing and intriguing in a different kind of way than your typical conversations with strangers. We exchanged information and promised to keep in touch about other encounters or useful information about the mountains in general – she knew I was still new to the mountain lifestyle out here.

If there’s one thing that I can take away from this is that you have to be open to these sorts of things if you want to be a part of a spiritual experience. Whether you are religious or not (which Rose explained that she was) it makes no difference to the other side. Acknowledge them, let them know you’re here and want to accept them Rose explained, and you will be filled with life like you hadn’t known before.

Until our next encounter…


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