The Crossfit Craze


On January 31st I got to experience Crossfit in a way I never imagined. Sure, one can go onto Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and various websites and probably read something about a Crossfit workout or see someone’s impressive personal records. Now whether you are tired of what seems like just a trendy craze or love it there’s one thing for sure – you have to see a competition.

Personally, I was never drawn to it and rolled my eyes at the people who seemed to endlessly banter about the “Crossfit Lifestyle”, but a gym called Crossfit Eminence in Thornton changed my mind. If the roars, cheers, and DJ in the corner aren’t enough to get your blood going there’s an unexplainable energy not only in the room but surrounding the entire building. Company t-shirts all around boasted the zip codes of where the athletes hail including team names like; Lowry Crossfit, Crossfit Golden, Crossfit Helix, Crossfit Lakewood, Crossfit Greenwood Village, etc. There were at least ten to fifteen groups there all competing and the events were wild.

Beyond the amazement of seeing a woman lift 195lbs over her head and a man lift 295lbs over his, there was support unlike any competitive event I’ve seen in awhile. Everyone genuinely wanted the others to carry out the event and to obtain their best. Being a competitive individual for the entirety of my life thus far, this was very refreshing. For those that understand lifting lingo these individuals were doing complexes which involved; power clean, front squat, squat clean, and split jerk – All without taking their hands off the bar.

Colorado is the perfect place for Crossfit and it’s changing the minds of a lot of people elsewhere. My advice? Stop groaning about it and check it out for yourself. You may find yourself in the Crossfit community.


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