Tom’s Thumb, AZ


Tom’s Thumb may seem like an odd name for a hike. Is it intimidating, or is it suppose to be lighthearted and breezy? Going into this hike near Scottsdale, AZ one might think that because it’s not like the infamous Camelback hike that so many are used to/have heard of that it would be petty. Well I’m here to tell you that this is no petty hike.

Granted you can choose from a number or options, lengths, and locations that you can go to at the beginning of the trail head, if you want to go to Tom’s Thumb you may want to pack a water (if you hike on a regular basis this should be no problem).

The trail itself has plenty inclines and declines along the way and the sights near sundown are really amazing. It will get your blood going, but have no fear there were people of all ages along the trail. Although I decided to take this route instead of the Camelback way, I enjoyed it quite a lot and have since recommended it.

Moral of the story, if you are headed that way and have the time to check it out – why not. You’ll get some great views no matter what. Take care!


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