A Burst of Emotion


This is a shot of my mother and my best friend Ahndia this weekend out in the woods. Coffee and discussions of the future – who could want anything more? I had one of the biggest surprises this weekend and Ahndia popped out of the back of my mothers car before I had a minute to think about a thing. Fresh air was a must.

I absolutely love surprises. So much to the point where you could argue that I’m a little obsessive about it. Not only do I love planning them, but the fact that events like this can happen to me that make my heart burst simply makes me melt. It’s a little ridiculous, but I don’t care. I hadn’t seen this woman in over a year and a half. Which, as I know life gets more complicated doesn’t seem like that much, but with her it’s a lifetime.

We spent so much time talking and taking mini adventures that I feel like it was a daydream without any actual sleep. Here’s to the moments where all the emotions are at the surface, where you don’t have to hide certain thoughts, and company that makes you feel at home wherever you go.

Ahndia, I love you. To our families – thanks for coordinating this so elegantly.



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