A Break to Storm





Ok so we all have those days where it’s work work work and we forget to look at the clock. Only then do we notice that eight hours have gone by and we’ve sat at the same desk the whole time. Today was one of those days for me. I finally shook off the dust, took a step outside…and wow.

It was a little warm and then I noticed something in the air. It started off with a cool breeze, a little cloud cover, and then all at once there was a storm rolling in. Watching the storm roll in seemed like the right thing to do.

Although I was under cover for the downpour, the lightning and the thunder got extreme so I booked it indoors. *sigh* What a hard life on the top of a mountain. Totally kidding! I am feeling very fortunate yet again today. Hope you all had a good one and took a little break for yourself – whatever that may mean for you.



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