Cat Lady? Maybe…










As some of you may or may not know I was recently house sitting up in the mountains. I not only live in the mountains myself (and spend times of the year at the foothills for school) but I have friends and family in higher altitude as well. Yesterday, however, was my last day in the house that I was watching and had to say goodbye to my new furry friends. I think it’s at this point where I start to sound a little insane…

Am I a “Cat Lady” you ask? Perhaps. I love all types of animals and woodland creatures but befriending cats at homes (and parties) just seems to happen. These little ladies were a little crazy too and chillin’ with them outside became normal for us. I wanted to share a few shots of them. Does anyone else have outdoor cats that go a little crazy and hunt down hummingbirds??

Ballsy little creatures I tell ya.




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