Waking up With a Purpose

I find that mornings and I have a difficult relationship. One that I have to work on constantly. Compromise is usually involved with the occasional dash of rage. 

Ok moving on from that dull metaphor. 

What makes my mornings easier? Waking up and be excited about just one thing. JUST ONE. It turns my whole day around. Gratitude is something I like to practice as often as possible throughout the day but in the mornings it’s especially helpful. So a little piece of advice if you have trouble with the early AMs-just pick one thing to be happy or excited about. I don’t care if it’s that you like the activities set out for the day or you like the way the sheets feel on your legs. Maybe it’s something greater like the sheer fact that you’re alive. That’s great!

I hope this helps and you all can relate to me feelings on this. This morning I woke up with a purpose and the feeling that although there is sadness and loss in our world, there is also light and gain. 




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