A Peaceful Bit

Looking back at my time alone in the mountains I came to an interesting conclusion. Although I really don’t like mornings most of the time and am by no means a person to come into contact with before 8am-I DO love the morning air. I’m talking about those first few breaths outside shortly after the sun comes up. The mountains still had a little haze about them and everything just felt so new. I mean literally each morning just felt so fresh, like a blank canvas awaiting it’s paint. Not to get too sappy or hype things up but honestly it was one of the most beautiful things I got to experience while there. Granted it’s my uncles place and I can go back, but I will not be alone again there for awhile.
So I invite you, if you are in fact horrible with mornings, to try to find some beauty. A peaceful bit that you can hold onto and cherish. Even if it’s something as little as the steam that floats up from your coffee in the morning. I have faith that no matter where you are you can find something. Anything.
Feel free to share what that may be for you. You never know what kind of ideas that may spark in someone else!


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