House Sitting in the Mountains

As I’m typing this the sun is slowly going down behind the mountains. I cannot believe how lucky I am to be sitting here watching. Now before you go and point fingers about having a computer on at a lovely time like this just know I have been without electronics for awhile out here in the woods. What I mean is that I’ve been out here for about two weeks on and off and holy cow have I been taking it all in.

Let me just say that I’m at my Uncle’s house. Him and his family went on a business trip so I stepped up for the job. Crazy that this is actually a job for a lot of people-house sitting that is. They have a beautiful dog that I’ve walked every day and I literally have no idea what I’m doing during this time. I just take her out and start trekking (there aren’t any paved roads or specific trails up here). Nevertheless it’s been great.

This evening it’s been raining on and off with a bit of thunder in the background. I even walked out the back door to find myself face to face with a deer. I absolutely love it out here. Tea and reading have been on the top of my list…as well as keeping their cats fed.



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