The Glory That Is Take-Out Thai

Every once in awhile (all the time) I get a craving for Thai food. More specifically, take-out. The kind where you call it in spur of the moment (or have been planning it all day) and by the time you get to the restaurant it’s on the counter and you’re ready to go. The car smells like thai for a few days, but honestly I love it. Here’s a list of the benefits I briefly noted tonight while enjoying my glorious meal;
1. You don’t have to do (as many) dishes-I try to still use my own silverware
2. You can eat it in the container while watching Netflix
3. More time at home with your family and/or pets
4. Someone graciously made this meal for you
5. The ingredients are probably a lot more fresh than those of my own stock
6. It’s thai food. And I can get my order every single time without judgement because that’s how take-out is. *Pad thai mild plus gluten free(for allergy purposes)*

So six basic things that I think pretty much rock. It’s no science, but the joy that these random meals gives me is borderline ridiculous. Kick back, relax, and perhaps order yourself some take-out tonight.



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