Land Before Media

The other day in class my professor was going on her normal chatter about media and how important it is to today’s world. I nodded along not only because I agreed with her but I wanted to stay engaged in the class on this busy Wednesday (this was last week). All of the sudden she said something that really perked up my ears. She spoke of a hypothetical situation where we had no media, lived in a little village or tribe, and never traveled outside our town walls. To some this may seem absurd, but I knew that this is the case for people in the world today. The land before media sounded like a nightmare for most…

Take a minute to think about how deep your connections would be with your community. How nightly stories around a fire would be your only source of information and traveling as far as you could on foot would be your only adventures. Wild! I thought to myself that although I would miss my wifi I would be involved in so many other things. Art would be different and more hands on, my conversations would be completely changed, and I would be a different person altogether. Anyway I just had to post something up about it because ever since that day I was stuck on the thought of no media in this little town. Back to the books!

Happy Monday everyone:)


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