On the Way

This is a little past due but wi-fi has been a little spotty here. No surprise there. I had been meaning to blog on the flight but something about having my blog up for all neighbors to see was a little unsettling. So we made it! Me, my mother, my father, and my brother are all here in Puerto Vallarta and it is beautiful! The sun is hot and the air is humid-something we aren’t really used to right now in Colorado. I’m not really the tropical girl but I do love the ocean and when I say that I love the ocean, I mean I LOVE the ocean. Anyway I’m glad to be here and settled in.
One thing that I love about traveling is when I find a good book to read on the way. The night before I left on the trip I opened up a present that my good friend had sent me. She gave me a t-shirt, a letter, and The Paris Wife. It’s a novel by Paula McLain and so far I am obsessed. I cannot put this book down! Mind you I will say that I’m not the biggest reader, but something about this book was catching my attention big time. It’s all about Ernest Hemingway’s first marriage. My friend had noted that I reminded her of Hem and at first I laughed it off, but as I read on I found that she was spot on about some similarities. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. It just…was. The good the bad and the ugly I saw myself in him and the way people described him. His intensity, his blunt honesty, and even his mood swings. I take notes when I read and write in the margins even when it’s not for class so this book was becoming more and more marked up. Between the beach scenes, meals, and fruit smoothies I was drawn back into Ernest’s and Hadley’s world. I’m not gonna lie, this might actually be a relaxing vacation. Happy Holidays everyone and I hope you get to spend time with your loved ones as well!