Half Full

So here we are! I just finished my last final of the semester and I can’t lie, I’m feelin’ pretty good. I like to stay positive throughout the whole finals experience and I think it’s given me an edge. I’m less the type to be fretting and crying about grades but more the type to calm down, focus, relax with some friends, and soak up all the knowledge I can while doing my best no matter what. If you stress yourself out it just makes things a million times worse. I know this for a fact. Before this year really I was usually that person with dark circles as a BFF during finals week and hair that resembled a birds nest. I remember I would calculate my GPA and constantly worry that my parents and brother would no longer consider me a Lauber if I failed. Turns out, that was the worse thing to do.
I’ve always gotten good grades because I worked HARD. I played volleyball all my life-through high school and even a lot in college- so slacking was not in option in my blood. I think it’s when I started to realize there was more to life that my stress over grades escaped me. The grades would come because I did my best. All the time. Period. I also used a bit of The Secret and always talked myself up. No more, “I’m gonna fail!” or “This test is going to kill me!”…that was doing no good whatsoever.
Anyway I wanted to type a little something up out there for those of you who struggle. Maybe it’s the anxiety that gets you, or the overbooked library and students sleeping on couches outside classrooms. Whatever it may be, just let it go. Let it roll of your shoulders and be responsible for you.
In other news, I’m going to Mexico with my family and I’m pretty stoked. I’ll try to post up things as I go- I wana get more activity on this baby!…Ok maybe a little too excited for Mexico but oh well. To travel is to learn remember?

Stay positive my friends.


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