Late Night Thoughts

I’m putting this post up mainly for some mental relief so feel free to keep moving along if you don’t want to hear my rambles. This is the third draft I’ve started up for this and I am refusing to delete anymore. I have been having some trouble sleeping, but strangely enough I don’t mind it. I’m either working on schoolwork to avoid scary deadlines, working on my lovely business which I adore, or planning my future in my head. Small tasks *cue joke drums*. Anyway I digress. I know a lot of my friends are insomniacs but what does that really mean? Are our minds too busy with the unknown or is there something keeping our bodies from simply going to rest? I don’t mean this in the literal sense of course because I know there’s probably a medical reason that quite frankly I’m uninterested in looking up. I just cannot help but wonder how many people are up like me right now. Cheesy as it may be. My best friend tonight said that school will always loom over our heads until we’re done. Then it will be something else I’m sure. That’s when I stopped though…

You see, I am beginning to realize that I cannot worry about things so much. That I must let go. Things will move on and the only thing that you can offer and act on is your very best. I think individuals know in their guts if the really gave something their all. Lying to those around you about why you let yourself fail will never get you anywhere. But if you work hard, are honest, and push through to your goals with a force of passion then anything can be yours. Just remember how powerful you are.

In the sleepless nights I hope you remember this as I try to remind myself the same. If you don’t like something you have the power to change it and you have the power to better yourself. Don’t let the little things drag you down, this life is too beautiful for that.