Ah but to travel is to learn…

I’ve been dealing with an issue lately. Higher education has me puzzled and questioning the system, if you will. I have always had a serious passion for traveling. I have been fortunate enough to go to a handful of places. Currently I am on a plane with my mother going to Paris. Which is beyond exciting and am so grateful for. I cannot wait to let my inner art historian and photographer/cinematographer out. But back to the issue… Have you ever sat in a class and thought to yourself, “This is beyond pointless I could learn this on my own.” Or perhaps you knew about a topic that was being discussed first hand. I don’t mean to stick my nose up on education- I think it’s very important. But some universities have me at a loss with their odd requirements and class scheduling. Alas, I must finish my schooling. For now however, I feel that learning on site is far more effective for me 😉



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